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Learning from Raz Kids website is not only easy, but it is also fun because the students can obtain any reading resources they love. Raz Kids provides so many eBooks to read with various titles along with Raz Kids Rocket as an additional feature that can make them more motivated. Not only Raz Kids Rocket, but the kids can also get a Robot Builder, which they can decorate as they wish.

This feature is the Raz Kids Rocket, which will show up in the student’s pages where they can operate the rocket. How to use this rocket? What’s the use of the Raz Rocket? First of all, the kids need to collect some stars that students can acquire from the activities they have passed on Raz Kids like completing quizzes and others. Well, these stars can be utilized to buy several cool items, which they can use to decorate their robot builder and Raz Kids Rocket. Simply, the kids can earn stars from reading materials of the Learning A-Z which is available on Kids A-Z. How do the kids earn stars? Of course, the kids have to finish some activities such as:

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Activities / Stars

  1. Practicing the recording / 10
  2. Listening to any books / 10
  3. Reading any books / 50
  4. Passing the Quiz / 100
  5. Perfect Score in Quiz / 150
  6. Assessment Complete (The managed record or the others) / 300
  7. Assessment Complete (The self-paced level or any custom) / 500

Once the kids earned some stars from those activities, then they can utilize the stars to buy some nice items that are available in the item catalog. In this case, the kids can use the items to decorate or personalize the Raz Kids Rocket and their Robot Builder. Meanwhile, the kids can make a room in the Raz Rocket. Then they also can equip the rocket with aliens, equipment, robots, furniture, plants, and much more to obtain space-themed environment.

Now, let us explain the Robot Builder. You may wonder the difference between Robot builder and Raz Kids Rocket. Well, the students can make a robot builder that is a custom robot avatar which used for online experience customization of the students. Moreover, the students can also     decorate their robot builders using stars they have earned as you personalize your rocket where you need to buy some items first. In this case, the teacher who can activate it from the Roster can control Raz Rocket and the Robot builder.

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A robot builder and Raz Rocket can make the kids feel more motivated, fun, and enjoyable whenever they enter the Raz Kids eBook for reading. Of course, the kids will not get bored because they can personalize their Rocket and also their Robot while they also get much knowledge from the activities. They will read more and complete the quizzes because they want more stars to decorate their robot and rocket. The more activities they do and complete, the more stars students will get in which they can use the stars to buy some cool items for personalization purposes.

It is fun when you decide to join Raz Kids since all students can get many reading resources from Raz Kids and then earn stars to customize their Raz Kids Rocket whenever they complete each activity. Not only the Rocket, but the Robot Builder can also be modified.