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Here, we will tell you how to search for Raz Kids Spanish Books. First, go to Raz Kids homepage. After that, log in with your account. You will see many features inside Raz Kids Spanish Books. Among these features are Robot Builder, Raz Rocket, Your Assignment, and Students Progress. You can see a limited number of star sign. There are stars as awards for the students. Alright, now go to the Book Room. As of now, Spanish Books has not yet featured any of your assignments. Instead of going there, go to Book Room of yours. Inside, you will see many books written in English. At the moment, let’s focus on the leveled books written in Spanish. Simply click a small icon with the question mark and book in it.

Let’s continue. As a student, you’ll have access to various books. Let’s see what kind of features the Raz Kids Spanish Books have. Start with picking a book. You pick a book titled Adentro, for example. You will see both reading and listening modes for this book. Reading mode allows you to record while listening mode allows you to listen to the book you read at the moment. See an earmark on the book? Click it if you would like to start listening to that book. You can listen at any point of the book. Don’t worry; you can see the part you read as the sentence will appear in highlighted texts. It allows you to pause the audio and repeat the word you just listen. Now, let’s return to your Book Room. See an eye mark there? Click it. If a student listens to a story multiple times, their fluency will increase, and it appears during reading. In case you need to record, press the Record icon. If you do so, you need to mention your name first.

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Later, it is time to use a microphone, so that you can record your voice in the Raz Kids Spanish Books. After clicking Record icon and reading that story, you now can see whether or not you read the text correctly by clicking Stop and then play the record. If you already read it incorrectly, simply click New and then you can start all over again. After finishing recording, Raz Kids Spanish Books, send it to your teacher so they will know your reading progress.

Let’s go again to the previous section, the Book Room. For each completed book, you will receive a check mark along with spendable starts. You can decorate Robot Builder and Raz Rocket with the points you have. Once you have finished all of those books, then you can continue to the more difficult level. To progress from one level to another, you will need to finish not only some but also all of the books required. It doesn’t matter where you start so long as you finish them all. Features in Raz Kids Spanish Books make it easier for students’ parents to monitor their reading progress.