Raz Kids Star Rewards Explained

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Raz Kids is one of the best online learning programs to improve children’s reading comprehension. The best thing about this program is it has many types of books, from English books, poetry books, song books and nursery rhymes and even Spanish books. Furthermore, the books are divided into levels so that each student can conveniently read something that suits their reading skill. After completing a book, students will be rewarded by stars, and Raz Kids star rewards explained is the one we are going to discuss right now.

Even though Raz Kids is a learning tool, it also has a section where children can play. It is the Raz Rocket and Robot Builder section. This section has many things to do with Raz Kids star rewards explained. Do you know why? It is because this is where you can use the stars you have collected from doing the assignments. So, the first thing you need to know fromRaz Kids star rewards explained is the function of the Robot Builder and the star. In Robot Builder, you can build and customize your own robots with various unique items. To get the items, you must purchase them from the catalog. Each item has their own price and you need enough amount of stars to buy them.

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So, what should you do to obtain stars so you can customize your robot? This is what you are going to learn next in Raz Kids star rewards explained. To get stars, you simply need to complete the learning activities, for example reading and listening to books and also taking quizzes. The number of stars you get will depend on what activity you do. Raz Kids star rewards explained will show you how many score you can get from each activity. If you listen to books or record yourself when reading a book, you will get 10 stars. If you finish a book, you will get 50 stars. If you take a quiz, you can earn 100 stars and 150 if you get perfect score. If you complete an assessment, you can get 300 stars. And if you want to purchase expensive item, simply complete an assignment and you will earn 500 stars.

To start doing Assignments, simply login to your Raz Kids account and then click Assignment. In this section, you can see various books that you can read. If you do well on your assignments, your teacher also can give you some extra stars.

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Now, Raz Kids star rewards explained will show you how to use the Raz Rocket and Robot Builder feature. If you want to purchase an item, go to the catalog and see the price of the item. There are many unique items you can purchase, from aliens, robot arms and legs and even various plants. If you have enough stars to purchase the item, you can buy it right away. But if you don’t, simply go to the Assignment page again and read some more books or take some quizzes so you can get extra stars. If there is something you don’t understand, you can read Raz Kids star rewards explained again.