Raz Kids Teacher Set Up

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Raz Kids is a remarkable online learning tool presented by Learning A-Z, one of the most reputable education companies in the United States. As a teacher, if you subscribe to this service, there are plenty of benefits you will get. But most importantly, with this program you can create more interesting lessons and your students will have access to better learning resources. To make sure you can use all the features well, you need to pay attention to Raz Kids Teacher set up.

To start Raz Kids teacher set up, you simply need to login by entering the username and password you have created when registering to the site. Besides Raz Kids, Learning A-Z also has plenty of other programs such as Reading A-Z, Headsprout, Science A-Z, Writing A-Z, Vocabulary A-Z and Ready Test. You can subscribe to other programs if you think your students are going to like it.

Once you have arrived at the teacher page, there are two main features that you can manage with Raz Kids teacher set up—“Teacher Corner” and “Manage Students” One of the most important features in Teacher Corner is Correlation Chart. In this part, you can check the result of your students’ assessment results. This chart will help you to determine the level of each student’s reading skill. As a result, you can give them the correct books that are suitable with their skill. In Raz Kids teacher set up Teacher Corner section, you also can give your students recording assignment and you can even set how often you want to give recording assignments to your students.

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In Manage Students section, you can finally do Raz Kids teacher set up. There are some important features you can use here. They are Roster, Reports, Assignments and In Basket. In the Roster section, you can set up your roster, add students and set the name of the class chart. Speaking of class chart, Raz Kids teacher set up allows you to set a unique name for your students. It can be their first and last name, a set of numbers, or simply other things you can associate your student with. In this part, you also can give the books that each student can read according to their level. You also can change the level here if their reading skills of your students have improved.

There are still many other things you can do with Raz Kids teacher set up. Make sure to set a secure password so unauthorized person cannot access your class’ account. Furthermore, if you want to make any kind of adjustment to the assignments, you don’t have to look far. Simply go to the set up page and manage everything according to your needs. Raz Kids, and Learning A-Z products in general, is really helpful for teachers. You can create a more interesting classroom and give better reading resources to your children. So, don’t hesitate to subscribe to Raz Kids. As a matter of fact, it is best to subscribe to the other programs as well so your students can have access to more learning and reading resources.