Raz Kids Technology Demonstration iPhone

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If you want to know how to use all Raz Kids features, you can read Raz Kids Technology Demonstration iPhone. Raz Kids is an online learning tool that is specially designed to help improving students’ reading skill. This tool is used in thousands of classrooms and has helped so many students improving their reading comprehension and writing skill. Raz Kids can be accessed via browser, or you can download the app to your iPhone or iPad.

If you want to download the app to your iPhone, make sure to read Raz Kids technology demonstration iPhone first so that you can use all the features well. To use the app, you must login first. To login, simply enter the username of your teacher. After that, you will be redirected to the student’s area where you can see the name of you and your classmate. Click on your name and you are ready to take the lesson.

Now, Raz Kids technology demonstration iPhone will show you how to do some assignments and start learning. Firstly, go to Your Assignment and you see plenty of e-books that you can read. Pay attention to the eye ball and ear icon underneath the books. If you have finished reading the book, a check mark will appear under the eye ball symbol. Meanwhile, if you have finished listening to the e-book, the check mark will appear under the ear icon. The next thing this Raz Kids technology demonstration iPhone wants to show you is the recording feature. You can practice your intonation by recording yourself while reading the book. After that, you can also let your teacher listens to the recording. Furthermore, if you don’t know how to spell a certain word, simply click on the word and you can listen how it is pronounced. Finish all the activities with flying colors, and you can earn points. Speaking of points, you can use them to buy items in the Robot Builder section. Robot Builder allows you to design your own robot. Keep earning points and you can make your robot more beautiful.

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Next, this Raz Kids technology demonstration iPhone will show you how to use the Book Room. Besides English books, Raz Kids app also has Spanish books, nursery rhymes, song books and poetry books. To change the type of books in the Assignment section, you must go to the Book Room first and then choose which books you want to learn this time.

Do you know what else you can do with Raz Kids app? If you don’t, keep reading this Raz Kids technology demonstration iPhone. Once you have finished reading a book, don’t forget to take the quiz. Don’t be afraid to take the quiz because you can reread the book and retake the quiz if you get bad scores.

Parents and teachers also should read Raz Kids technology demonstration iPhone because this app is useful for parents and teachers as well. Parents can register to the site and get reports of their children’s score in their emails. Meanwhile, teacher can get help to plan their lessons and monitor the progress of their students more easily.