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Raz Kids Tutorial is the best way for kids and students to get more knowledge online from several reading resources and eBooks available on Raz Kids official website. Raz Kids is a nice website that offers so many reading resources for kids who want to get knowledge online with its easy tutorial on how to access it. There are so many books available on Raz Kids including leveled books, nursery books, serial books, poetry books, songbooks, as well as Spanish books. To enjoy the reading experience, students n use your PC or Tablet because the books are in PDF form. Not only that, but they also have a chance to record their reading or listening by themselves.

Relating to the book level in the tutorial, there are some levels that students can try to choose from AA up to Z level. Also, students can also get more levels on each leveled book up to 29 levels based on the difficulty level. Somehow, the age and the grade of the students may be adjustable based on the levels of each book.

There are also some corresponding quizzes that students can answer after they listen or read the books. The quizzes aim is to know whether the students understand what they have read in the eBook. After answering the quizzes, the students will see their scores as well as earn some stars because they have done some educative activities such as answering the quizzes, recording their reading, listening to the eBooks, and reading their ways based on Raz Kids tutorial given. Once students pass one level book, then they may go to the further levels.

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Somehow, students need to read Raz Kids tutorial so they can understand how to access Raz Kids eBooks correctly. The coolest thing from this program is that students may earn a lot of stars from their activities and then they have a chance to use the stars to purchase some items to make their Robot Builder and Raz Rocket look wonderful with decoration. Robot Builder and Raz Rocket are two attractive things on Raz Kids so the students will not feel bored and they are willing to read again.  These things can motivate students to do more activities and get stars again and again on Raz Kids while they can decorate their Robot Builder and Raz Rocket according to their wishes. Anyway, that is a really fun activity, but students still need Raz Kids tutorial, especially for those who have never visited Raz Kids website before.

Well, you may read these following Raz Kids tutorial to use Raz Kids program.

  1. First of all, open Google Search on your browser.
  2. Type raz-kids.com on the search box, and then click enter.
  3. Then, you just need to select login.
  4. After that, enter the username of your teacher, and select go.
  5. Next, you can see some names of students on the list and select your name.
  6. Then, you must type your password
  7. Finally, you are ready to read on.
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Those are some simple ways of the Raz Kids tutorial if you want to access reading resources on the website. It is your great chance to read many ebooks including fictions and non-fiction books. It’s just in case you want to read some story books. For the members, you can also access the eBooks using your mobile device. You only need to download Kids A-Z app and then install it.