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Raz-Kids.com is a good website that you can try to access if you want to help your kids increase their knowledge through reading. So, we would like to talk about this website and the program offered. Somehow, you may hear about Raz Kids Update that you can find it on Google search, but you have to click the correct website to join the program. Simply, you can login in the website, and then you just need to enter the name of the teacher. Next, you just select the name of the student while typing the password. You must have the passwords so that you can log in and then get the Raz Kids update to read more books.

What is the Raz Kids update? It is a website that provides reading resources and so many reading materials that kid may love. Well, the kids may get a lot of books to read, and there are also some level categories that they can choose from the easiest one to the difficult ones. Meanwhile, Raz Kids update the abbreviation of Reading A-Z Kids update. In this case, the students can get level progression from A up to the Z for the ending and belongs to reading level for sixth-grade students. The students may reach the level Q, and they need to complete a few things in the reading material.

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The eBooks on Raz Kids update come into three tasks that students need to complete. Students can read the eBook, or they may also listen to the reading. At last, they must answer several questions or quizzes given after the reading to get points or scores. Then, students can continue to read other eBooks. For instance, you can do shark that is an online book. The reading passage is quite short and brief, so the students will not feel bored to read it until they can reach the higher level.

Students do not need to read the reading passage loudly although they may record their reading just in case they want to do it. Once they prefer to record it, the teacher will save the recording to test the students, and there is also analysis tool that the teacher may use in this update.

Well, this is a fun thing to set up where students may read an eBook that consists of 20 pages. However, they must read the books completely, and they are not allowed to skip it. Students must read the books to the end until they finally go to the quiz section. The coolest thing in the quiz is that they can get points and these points can be used to purchase some decorative items to decorate their robot builder and rocket. Of course, this cool thing can stimulate students so they can read more and get more points.

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Somehow, this can be a good thing to give students homework by reading the eBook on their computer for 20 minutes. Perhaps, you wonder how Raz Kids Update determines each level of reading material. Sometimes, it is just an overview while you actually can check Raz Kids website to know more about this program and ask some questions to the developers.