Raz-Kids, What’s New Video, Learning A-Z, April 2017

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Have you check Raz-Kids, What’s New Video, Learning A-Z, April 2017? If you haven’t, make sure you go check it because there are many new things, teaching tips and even new features you can use. Another reason why you should check Raz-Kids, What’s New Video, Learning A-Z, April 2017 is because Raz Kids is an award winning learning tool, so it constantly presents more incredible updates for its users. In 2016, Raz Kids win several awards such as Eddie Award Winner for Multi-Level Reading Resource Website, Codie Award Winner for Best Solution for Special Needs Students, AAP REVERE Award Finalist for Supplemental Resources and Resources for Learners with Additional Educational Needs, Bessie Award for Best Early Learning and Reading Skills Websites and many more. Those awards are real proof of the quality of this online learning tool. You also can check Raz-Kids, What’s New Video, Learning A-Z, April 2017 to see the other awards Raz Kids have obtained.

One of the best things about Raz-Kids is the fact that it has more than 800 reading resources. It is also constantly updated and you can check newer e-books from Raz-Kids, What’s New Video, Learning A-Z, April 2017.

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As a teacher, summer holiday definitely will feel bittersweet. At one side, you are happy because you can enjoy a nice holiday, but in the other side you also worry that your students will not read any books at all. Raz-Kids, What’s New Video, Learning A-Z, April 2017 has a solution for that. To make sure your students will not be lazy to open their Raz Kids app and read some books, you can send them some encouragement messages. You don’t have to send the messages via email or texts because you can do all of this via your Raz Kids account. You can say many sweet words to them. Maybe you can wish them a happy holiday, but in the same time tell them to continue with their reading. If you can send nice messages to them, your students definitely will be touched and will not hesitate to open their Raz Kids app again.

To send message to a student, you simply need to go to your roster. After that, click “Class Messages” and you can send a nice message to the entire class with one click. Raz-Kids, What’s New Video, Learning A-Z, April 2017 also has another tips for you. if you think a message will not be enough to motivate them, you also can click “Award Bonus Stars” and give them some extra stars so that your students can purchase some items to build robot in Raz Rocket and Robot Builder.

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If you need to send personal message to one student only, you can do it as well. Simply go to “Select a Student” and then click the name of the student. You also can award bonus stars to some students with this feature. There are still many other tips you can learn from Raz-Kids, What’s New Video, Learning A-Z April 2017. So, make sure to check it frequently and use the tips to create a better learning environment.