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The key to successful teaching in classroom with students of various abilities lies in the resources used to teach them. It is teachers’ job to find the right ones for them. This is where Reading A-Z steps in to offer you with quality resources you need. With them, teachers would be able to differentiate instruction, maximize practice, and improve students of course. In this Reading A-Z intro, let’s dig this further and see what it has to offer.

As you might have guessed, Reading A-Z is there to give you reading resources for the purpose of making students skilled readers. To do so, we have printable books with up to 27 difficulty levels and variety of genres. There are comprehensive lesson plan, worksheets, graphic organizer, discussion cards, and quizzes in each book. Let us tell you in this Reading A-Z intro that we have some of them available in projectable format for interactive learning.

Other than the projectable format, we do have printable resources to offer. They include theater scripts, fluency passages, read aloud books, poetry books, and alphabet resources to name few of them in this Reading A-Z intro. By analyzing every word in reading A-Z leveled readers, you get to find countless texts criteria. That is why you can expect that our company can give you accurate leveling analysis possible that teachers need for teaching.

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It is not just about the analysis, actually. In this Reading A-Z intro, we will expose it to you that we do have reliable search tool to look for quality resources based on the skill, topic, and theme needed. We know there are other leveling systems as well, so we make the comparison. Comparing Reading A-Z to other leveling systems will be of help to make the right choice for your students of all systems there are today. This Reading A-Z intro might not be enough to reveal all the leveling systems here.

Other than that, we do come with state-correlated standards. One mere selection of the name of your state and the grade level, you will get list of reading standards. Of course, it includes the resource link relating to those standards as well. Since this is web-based, teachers can also benefit from its dynamic update. Let us note here in this Reading A-Z intro that new books will also be added once every month at most. Even this is more than enough.

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Textbooks take 4 to 6 years to update after all. Also, this is affordable solution for obtaining quality reading resources. With a vast collection to choose one or more from by mere one click, it makes Reading A-Z the best source for teachers’ materials. Even the students are benefitting this as well since they can practice over and over again to polish their skills. Reading A-Z intro shows enough what it is capable of. We can conclude that it benefits both teachers and students in the classroom.