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Talking about the well known Reading A-Z, there is this new feature it has come with. This very feature namely Reading A-Z’s My Zone actually acts as digital file storage needed to organize reading resources. It is not only that. This feature is also the home for the most popular books and even the hottest search topics you could ask for. Having this feature around is expected to save you some time while helping you so you can keep very well organized.

This so-called Reading A-Z’s My Zone can be found there in the top right corner of the browser window. There are all sorts of menus to learn about. There is file cabinet which functions as the place for you to add various folders. You can do so by topic or reading group too if you want. Simply put, you will be able to organize chosen Reading A-Z resources in one place. Marking one topic as favorite will make quick pop-up in the folder list. Neat, isn’t it?

There is other menu like Edit Folder Options from My Zone too. This time, you will get the help of this menu to type folder name to act as remainder note for yourself. You can make subfolders within the folder too. Once the folder is ready, you can start the searching by the keyword search. Get the related books and you just need to go to their home page. This Reading A-Z’s My Zone will also further need you to look for folder icon beside the resources.

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Then, all you need to do is to click on the icon and pick the folder you want to have it in. From here, you can do all sorts of things over the file cabinet, like moving, deleting, and such. Reading A-Z’s My Zone is this useful. If you make mistake of adding unknown source, you can track it from what’s recently add and organize it later from file cabinet. Adding resources to My Reading A-Z folder will be needed if folders are not set up yet in Reading A-Z’s My Zone.

Other menu includes even resource calendar as well. Here, you will be capable of seeing what events will be coming in the near future. With the menu, it will be integrated to your reading instruction as part of both important date and study. Reading A-Z’s My Zone will also allow you to include chosen resources from the entries of the calendar. You can get the resources by downloading them too though. To add later, you can find the download from history.

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There is My Profile menu too to track subscription information. Also, this new feature can help to inspire you. Why, of course, by seeing what’s popular in the hot search topics at the topic cloud, it will let you know what’s worth to try yourself to teach to your students in the classroom. Reading A-Z’s My Zone is sure to make things easy for you. You won’t even need to spend much time to find the intended resources with organized Reading A-Z files, right?