Reload Netspend Card

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NetSpend has served more than 68 million customers across the country. Certainly, this company knows how to keep its customer satisfied. The financing company puts customer’s convenience at its top priority. An example is the easy ways to reload NetSpend card designed by this company. It can be done at various locations around United States. There are more than 130,000 reloading places; some might be located near your resident. The process is also made as easy as possible so everyone can do it. In addition to that, you can reload any amount that you want as there is no minimum balance required.

Methods and Locations to Reload NetSpend Card

How to reload NetSpend card and other similar prepaid debit cards? There are four main methods that you can follow to do that.

  1. Payment and Check Arrangement

Card holder can actually arrange for their paycheck or any form or regular income to reload NetSpend card account. This feature is called Direct Deposit by the company. The prepaid account can access government benefits and paychecks from your job up to two days in advance. You need to contact the government branch where you will receive benefit from to direct the payment to prepaid account. When it comes to paychecks transfer, a form filled by the human resource department at company where user works at will suffice.

  1. Buying Reload Pack
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To reload NetSpend card, user can also buy pack for reloading at various locations around the country. You can find the list of participating retailers at the company’s website to know which ones are located near your area. User does not need to bring the prepaid card with them to get this pack. Any amount can be loaded into the pack as there is no minimum balance. However, there is a fee which needs to be paid that goes from $2.95 to $4.95.

To put the amount in your pack into your account online, you can follow these steps.

  • Log into your online account center.
  • Go to the options to reload your card.
  • Enter number writer on reload pack at available bar.
  • The amount in your pack immediately goes to your account.
  1. Adding Money at Appointed Locations

If user brings their prepaid card with them, they can directly deposit cash to reload NetSpend card. Like in reload pack, it can be done in any participating retailers. You can do it in chain stores near your house too, like Wal-Mart. Some retailer charges for this process but others do not.

  1. Receiving Transfer from Other Accounts
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You can reload NetSpend card by transferring funds from other bank accounts or NetSpend accounts. The process is similar with conventional account-to-account money transfer. Certain kind of prepaid card product can even receive wire transfer from other countries. However, you cannot make transfer from credit card to reload the card.

As you see, it is very easy to reload NetSpend card. Customers have many options to choose from. Many retailers have participated to make the process even easier. You need to keep in mind about the fees, though.