Salesforce Certification Verification

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As a company that always deals with customers, keeping in touch with them is one important thing that must be considered by the company. As a supportive platform of business, Salesforce provides training both online and offline, related to how to receive customers or clients better. They also issue certification, along with salesforce certification verification, as evidence that the company is able to empower its clients well.

Before discussing the salesforce certification verification, it is better to know more closely about Salesforce itself.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a provider of customer relationship management (CRM) platform. With this platform, you can monitor developments, as well as anything related to the customer or client. Not only does it include statistical data related to satisfaction level or problem solved, salesforce also provides a lot of non-judgmental determinant variable related to customer. So, stakeholders can analyze more deeply than just numbers and writing. They also provide a thorough verification through salesforce certification verification

Besides one platform, Salesforce provides many types of platforms as well tailored to the needs and types of companies that use it, ranging from Sales that are heavily associated with numbers and fluctuations. There is a Service which also contains a column of criticism and suggestions, so clients can easily submit a complaint moreover, there is also a Marketing that deals with percentage and automation, then the last one is Commerce which is more focused on how you sell or showcase your work. Besides those platforms, there is Salesforce certification verification which will be explained later.

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As a platform to support the company, Salesforce has a communications collaboration platform that has the primary goal of connecting internal parts of the company in order to work together interactively. Well, its name is Quip. In Quip, there are many features to support collaboration, such as online documents, spreadsheets, notes, even live Salesforce that are ready to be presented in front of another office, or at a meeting.

As mentioned earlier, Salesforce also provides both online and offline training, which aims to teach on how to manage and maintain customers well, while also teaching how to use various platforms from Salesforce. They have the right of certification awarded to trainees after they have successfully completed the training. However, many people end up knowing the potential of this certification then trying to abuse its power by making fake certification. This ultimately encourages Salesforce to make Salesforce certification verification to select genuine and fake certificates as well as trainees who have trained them.

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How Does Salesforce Certification Verification Work?

The way Salesforce certification verification works is quite simple, just go to and enter the name or email address of a person with the Salesforce certificate. If the person’s personal data appears, along with his/her certification degree, then the certificate is genuine. If it does not appear, it can be ascertained that the certificate they received is a fake one.

Through salesforce certification verification, you can also know which original customer relationship manager is trained, and which one is fake. If you have questions regarding the Salesforce platform and its features, you can call 1-800-667-6389.