Salesforce Conference 2017

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Salesforce held the top conference called Salesforce Conference 2017 with many people visit from various backgrounds and industries. This conference was a part of company special event to gather all users from Salesforce products in one place. People attended some interactive and interesting session that came from professional and expert in respective sales and marketing industry.

Before exploring more about Salesforce Conference 2017, you may need to know about CRM and Salesforce platform. In general, the company has main service to provide platform for marketing, sales, customer service, client relationship, and IT technology. All of them are available in one service, but there is also customized product to fit client preference with option to expand.

The primary product is CRM as stand for Customer Relationship Management. With this software, the business can store and keep on track on every customer activity. The main feature is capability to save customer information such as phone number, email, name, address, etc. For advanced features, this software is capable to track what customer wants the most in order to assembly team to fulfill it. This kind of platform has many users around the world. You can see them in Salesforce Conference 2017.

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The Event on Salesforce Conference 2017

  1. Keynote speech

As it mentioned above, Salesforce Conference 2017 had few key events, including the speech from professionals and experts in related industry. In this session, the speech explained about technology, new platform, and many interesting topics.

Professional had credential and capability to give explanation, value, advice, and support. Salesforce brought topic that’s the most challenging in order to find proper solution. Customer service, marketing, and sales are critical aspects in business that require utmost management. Therefore, keynote speech on Salesforce Conference 2017 was another source of information that’s useful for business, entrepreneurship, and company.

  1. Product demonstration

The next thing about Salesforce conference event was product demonstration. As vendor, Salesforce introduced many products to support client demand. Besides CRM, other products were sales cloud, service cloud, sales for small business, community cloud, etc.

Most of products that introduced in Salesforce Conference 2017 incorporated cloud technology. Clients did not have to build and purchase infrastructure like server and hardware. This technology relied on cloud computing platform that’s accessible through internet. As long as the connection and device were available, all system would work properly. This was one of the top products from Salesforce Conference 2017.

  1. Training center
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Another session was training center which is useful to increase skill knowledge and capability. Salesforce Conference provided training for vendor, user, and developer to expand capability of Salesforce platform. After this session, participants received certification from Salesforce.

In addition, conference is a good place to meet many vendors, professionals, user, buyer, and expert in one place. This is why Salesforce decide to create annual event based on huge user database. This event turns to be prominent and the top list of technology and business industry. People visited Salesforce Conference 2017 to enjoy each session and obtain information. The upcoming event will be available next year and you can visit official website for more information.