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Data needs to be processed before it can be utilized for advancing a business. Usually, data is collected not in the processing software or cloud computation. You need to import your data from another source first before processing it. Salesforce Data Import Wizard is a tool provided by the cloud servicing company to aid its customers when doing this action. Let’s learn how to user this tool correctly.

Using Salesforce Data Import Wizard Step-by-step

This cloud company actually offers two methods to import your data. The first method is Salesforce Data Import Wizard while the other is called Data Loader. The wizard can be accessed in web browser while you need a specific application to the second importing method. Even then, the amount of data to be imported using wizard is less than when you are using application, 49,999 records or even less. Wizard cannot perform data exporting task too. However, it can support more editions if compared to the other method.

To use Salesforce Data Import Wizard, you have to know the standard browser that can access this wizard. If you are using Google Chrome, make sure that you update it to 29th version or later. Meanwhile for Mozilla Firefox users, using version 23 or later versions will be sufficient. Apple users can upgrade their Safari browser to version 5 and up to use the wizard. Just note that you cannot perform multiple data importing actions at once.

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Before you are importing data with Salesforce Data Import Wizard, you need to prepare it to lower the chance of error. The following instruction is going to tell you how to do this important step.

  • Make an export file using software that is already in your program
  • Fix any inaccuracy and inconsistency that you find within your data to make sure that your imported file will be clean
  • Do field mapping to make sure your data will be imported to the intended location in the Salesforce cloud. Go to to get further information about this
  • Make any appropriate change in configuration to ensure that the cloud will handle your data in expected way

After you have made sure that your data is ready to be imported, you can immediately use Salesforce Data Import Wizard to do the action. These steps are going to guide you in performing this task.

  • Go to your cloud account and in “Setup” type in “Data Import Wizard” to find the link
  • Select “Launch Wizard” to get the Salesforce Data Import Wizard going
  • Pick files that you are going to import by following the detailed instructions
  • Map data fields to match the ones at this cloud site
  • Read over the information then select “Start Import”
  • Review the import status to ensure that the process is completed
  • Visit for more detailed information of each step
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As you will see, importing data using Salesforce Data Import Wizard takes elaborate steps. However, it is not difficult at all. Import your data effectively and securely using this wizard.