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Salesforce was founded in 1999 and its initial product was sales automated application. Today, the company grows and expands significantly with billion asset and revenue each year. In order to know Salesforce Market Cap, you should consider company background, products, and services. Most of revenue and profit comes from CRM software and its derivative products, including cloud computing.

Forbes puts Salesforce as one of 100 best Companies to Work for in 2018. This acclamation shows that the company concerns to product, service, aftersales, client, and customers. Based on recent data, Salesforce has more than 100.000 clients from various backgrounds, such as personal, small business, government agency, organization, etc. Those clients are related to Salesforce Market Cap.

The Product and Service from Salesforce

As it mentioned above, initial Salesforce Market Cap came from sales automation software. The founders of Salesforce worked on the top software and Technology Company as software developers. With vast experience, they created software with capability to handle sales automatically. This was the first product that expanded to more advanced application.

The primary service is CRM software as platform to manage customer relationship to get effective and efficient level. This platform consists of several services, such as Commerce, Marketing, Data, Community, Sales, and Analytic cloud. All categories use cloud-computing technology to operate and integrate with the main platform. Each category will serve as the source of Salesforce Market Cap that’s capable to customize based on client preference.

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CRM has features to handle basic database management like storing customer data and sales record. However, Salesforce expands these features with automation system and cloud integrated technology. The system will keep in touch with any sales and customer automatically. Moreover, client can assembly and support what customers want before they realize. With this technology, Salesforce Market Cap grows extensively.

As platform, Salesforce CRM software creates environment to let the third party apps work together. Instead of developing different app, clients can integrate the existing apps from their system to work side by side and support Salesforce network. It is called platform as service. Moreover, Salesforce calls this one as Force.

In addition, community cloud is platform from Salesforce that synchronizes social media, marketing analytic, and commerce platform in single network. It might not contribute significantly to Salesforce Market Cap because it’s still new service. However, Salesforce can increase market capacity and clients from smallest business. This platform comes in handy to integrate social media network to business analytic. You can answer request, order, complaint, or comment from customer directly.

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How Much is Salesforce Market Cap?

The company has been around in technology and cloud computing industry since nineteen years ago. Based on 2017 data, Salesforce has operating income $61 million, revenue $8.39 billion, and net income $179.8 million. The total assets are $17.58 billion and the total equity is $7.5 billion. Salesforce has 20,145 employees from 2017 data. All of them are what you know about Salesforce financial report.

With high Salesforce Market Cap, the company has headquarters in San Francisco. Besides, the other offices are available on New York City, London, Switzerland, Tokyo, Indianapolis, Dublin, San Mateo, Oregon, and California.