Salesforce Merge Accounts

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There are things that people need to be aware of in Salesforce merge accounts. Sometimes, people do not read carefully all the rules given and ask too many questions. In fact, the discussion about it has been shared widely. In order to know more about it, here is the brief sight of Salesforce merge accounts.

Salesforce Merge Accounts Review

What are good things you can get by merging duplicate accounts? Yes, as you might know, Salesforce merge accounts are also known as merge duplicate accounts. This activity is able to keep your records clean. This is important. Again, keeping your records free of duplicates is also possible by merging the accounts. What will you get then? By doing so, reaching more customers is highly possible. Another highlight thing you will get is maintaining good relationships with your customers. The relationships are even possible to be better.

Keep in mind that there are several ways to do Salesforce merge accounts. Firstly, there are simple merge duplicate accounts. Secondly there are things to do with associating with relationship groups. Thirdly there is a way using Lightning Experience. Last, there is a way using Salesforce classic. To give you more sight about those ways, please kindly read the next section.

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All the Things about Salesforce Merge Accounts

There are things you must be aware of if you want to get Salesforce merge accounts. There are required editions for that. Both of Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classis are available. Are your accounts business accounts? If that so, it is available in all editions, except If yours are person accounts, they are available in Developer editions, Enterprise, Professional, Performance, and Unlimited.

Next, the topic is about Salesforce merge accounts with relationship groups association. You must have known that there are members of relationship groups. As usual, there are required editions. In addition, there are user permissions you have to know. In the requirement, it is available in Salesforce Classic and Salesforce for Wealth Management. In terms of user permissions, you must delete on accounts to merge business accounts and you must delete on accounts and also read on contacts.

Speaking of Salesforce merge accounts, you must enrich your knowledge regarding two ways of merging duplicate accounts. In lightning experience, you must know requirements. This way is surely available in Lightning Experience. Yet the accounts are available in Developer, Group, Enterprise, Essentials, Performance, and Unlimited editions. Meanwhile, Salesforce Classic only has 4 editions. They are Developer, Performance, Enterprise, and Unlimited editions. Again, there are also user permissions to be able using those ways.

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Here is another brief sight of Salesforce merge accounts related to the user permissions. In order to view person or business accounts, you have to read on the accounts. If you want to merge both kinds of accounts, there are three things to keep in mind. You need to delete on the accounts, edit on related objects, and become a Salesforce admin, a user, or the account owner. These user permissions are applied for both Salesforce merge accounts in using Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.