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Good relationship with customers and the prospective ones is something that a business company needs to maintain so it can persist through crushing competition. Often times, companies that offer great products and services fail to build great relations with their customers. This task is certainly not easy. It requires thorough planning and resources. That is why some institutions are offering customer relationship management service to these companies. Salesforce is a cloud company which works in this particular area and known for its impeccable service. That includes Salesforce merge contacts. We are going to learn about what this company has to offer.

Brief Overview and Salesforce Merge Contacts

Before learning about Salesforce merge contacts, let’s understand this company better. This company works within cloud system. It arranges everything that a company will need to interact in effective and efficient way with their customer base. This service company’s products encompass customer support, sales, marketing cloud, and some other helpful tools to run a business. Business does not need to hire its own IT experts and buy equipments or even servers to achieve these technology-laden functions.

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A function that is highly useful to keep customer support running smoothly is Salesforce merge contacts. This function helps to keep your database not cluttered. However, there are few things to know when you are deciding to do this. You can do this function in Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. These two platforms treat your data quiet differently. As an example, at you can choose the parent data in Lightning Experience. Meanwhile in the classic one, your master data is automatically chosen as parent data.

If you do Salesforce merge contacts to accounts that are connected to certain teams or communities, you will need permission to do it. The process can be tedious. In addition to that, there are certain merging restrictions when it comes to merging accounts that participate in communities and teams. You cannot see fields that are hidden when you are merging accounts. Processing accounts that have an indirect relationship is also complicated as you need to remove redundant relationships notice first.

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Below are the steps to do Salesforce merge contacts through Lightning Experience platform.

  • Select one record of an account to see whether there is a duplicate of that account
  • If there is any, select “View Duplicates”
  • You can select up to three contacts to merge into one. Business contacts cannot be merged with person contacts
  • Click “Next”
  • Pick which contact that you want as parent data and fields that it will retain
  • Click “Next”
  • Confirm Salesforce merge contacts by clicking “Merge Person Accounts” or “Merge Business Accounts”

You can also do this process in the classic platform although its interface is not as easy to deal with if compared to the previous platform. In order to do Salesforce merge contacts, user needs to log into their account. The steps are quiet similar to the other platform although to find the contacts, a search bar is utilized instead. As stated previously, user has to make sure that they have permission before merging contacts.