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When it comes to integrate between different applications, Microsoft always seems to have it all. This company has proven the ability to work with other companies in order to provide maximum convenience for all customers, especially those who use their platform software to run their business. Consumers who use Microsoft Outlook for sales or something related to that will feel very inconvenient if they need to use multiple applications when taking care of their orders or customers. To alleviate this problem, Microsoft has teamed up with Salesforce. Together, they have created Salesforce Outlook plugin to help all users who need it.

The number of both Salesforce and Outlook users are increasing every second. This is one of the reasons why the two companies try their best to provide excellent service to make the customers satisfied. By integrating one application into another, users can be more productive in doing their work.

How Does This Plugin Work?

The Salesforce Outlook plugin helps consumers in managing their business by giving them access to Salesforce data without exiting the outlook application. Imagine if these businessmen have to switch between these two apps while managing everything else – it will be very confusing and overwhelming.

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When Salesforce Outlook plugin is used, all contact information and events marked on the calendar will be automatically synchronized between the two programs. This also goes the opposite way. All emails in the outlook program can be synchronized to Salesforce easily.

More advanced users can do something else with Salesforce Outlook plugin. If required, lightning components can be embedded by users. Lightning components are collections of codes that are required in creating customized apps within Salesforce. These customized apps are called third-party apps, and because this is a synchronization between Salesforce and Outlook, the third-party app in this case in Microsoft Outlook.

By customizing the codes and applications, users can manage Outlook application according to their needs. For example, a user can add some new features that originally don’t exist in Microsoft Outlook, such as updates on pricing. The Salesforce Outlook plugin really helps in managing business.

Additional Helpful Features

The Salesforce Outlook plugin is also helpful in finding information needed by salesmen or any type of user. In order to use the search feature, they just need to type out what they are looking for and the results will instantly appear. An additional pane is included in the Outlook inbox page to display the information that users are searching for. This way, all users can obtain information from Salesforce without closing the Outlook application, so their work will be more time-efficient.

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Other than users operating Windows, Salesforce Outlook plugin will also be available for other Operating Systems such as Macintosh. In the future, this plugin can even be used on mobile, so users can take care of their business on the go. Even better, this helpful Outlook plugin also provides cloud storage which makes users do not need to manually synchronize or update their plugin. They can now focus on running their business without having to worry about some technical issues.