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Technology changes the way business handles customer and clients. In order to response with fast changing situation, business requires to adapt and adjust properly. This is where Salesforce comes with CRM software and cloud computing products. This company has Salesforce San Francisco Office as headquarter located in The Landmark @ One Market, Suite 300, San Francisco, CA 94105.

What’s Inside Salesforce San Francisco Office

Salesforce San Francisco Office uses building called Salesforce Tower. You can find it easily because of easy access from everywhere in Chicago. As Tech Company, Salesforce designs the building to fit with company image. From exterior, you will see that this tower is the tallest in its neighborhood.

The office building receives significant change since technology revolution. Inside Salesforce San Francisco Office, you do not see standard cubicle workstation where employees sit and work differently. Salesforce gives modern and versatile design for office building to make sure everyone enjoys ultimately.

At the front office, there is Salesforce ambassador who will guide guests to wherever they want to go. The building also has conference room, parent area, social lounge, lounge art, and mindfulness zone. The latter is interesting area because employer can recharge and find peace in order to stay excellent mind level. Besides, Salesforce San Francisco Office also has interconnecting stairwell to let people go and leave easily. Those are what you see inside Salesforce San Francisco Office.

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The Products from Salesforce

  1. CRM software

Salesforce Company has various products to fulfill client’s demand. The main product is CRM software for managing customer relationship. This software is capable to manage all data related to customer, such as personal identity, phone number, order, etc.

Moreover, Salesforce expands software capability to handle advanced CRM feature. Customer is the key on business and better relationship leads to more profit. CRM will keep customer connected and company will know what customer wants. Instead of waiting, business initiates and develops products directly based on what customer wants the most. Salesforce San Francisco Office lets employees to fulfill such goal.

  1. Cloud computing

The most recommended product is cloud computing. Salesforce San Francisco Office has employees with specific skill to manage cloud-computing technology. In past time, database and software required hardware and server on dedicated location. This condition increased investment cost on hardware. Many small businesses tried hard to keep with such cost and forgot to focus on the core business itself.

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Cloud computing is great solution to overcome such situation. Salesforce lets business to manage its own core activity without worrying about software and IT support system. All technology and products are in cloud computing. There is no cost for server and maintenance, except paying what business has used. It is more flexible and easy to expand when small business turns into multinational company. The cloud computing becomes Salesforce product that’s capable to support sales, marketing, accounting, product development, etc.

Well, Salesforce San Francisco Office gives enjoyable atmosphere in order to let employees happy to work. Moreover, the building adopts modern approach to fit the technology and digital company. With excellent product, Salesforce is in the top list in CRM software market.