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Previously, Indiana had OneAmerica Tower or AUL Tower as its tallest building. This label has moved to Salesforce Tower Indianapolis building. It was opened for the first time in 1990. Its name was changed several times. It was originally named as Bank One Tower. However, it was changed into Chase Tower in 2005. This name lasted for 12 years then it was changed into the current name.

Salesforce Tower Indianapolis was opened on May 20th, 2017. It was celebrated by Salesforce workers along with the community around this building. In this celebration, some local media were also invited to have a tour to two floors. Salesforce logo was also set on the top of this building started from that time.

This building is located in 1E Ohio Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204. The location is very close to Monument Circle. Salesforce Tower Indianapolis has 49 floors in total while its height reaches 247 meters. It is open 24 hours a day. It means that people can go to this building at any time. However, each office inside it has its own working hours.

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What We Can Find in Salesforce Tower Indianapolis

Basically, Salesforce Tower Indianapolis is an office building. There are various offices which are located inside this building. One of them is Inc., a CRM company which logo is put on the building. It equipped 12 floors for its office or a quarter of total floors. Therefore, it has a right to use its name for the building. However, there are also other offices in this 48-story building including sundry shops, dental, restaurants, shoeshine shops, tailors, and salons.

Salesforce Tower Indianapolis offers some features. It has an indoor parking garage along with a valet parking. If you need to conduct any occasion at a special venue, then D’Amore Events can be found on the 48th floor. Conferences are also possible to be held in here since it also provides some conference facilities such as projector screen, Wi-Fi, and catering. In addition, the security is equipped for 24 hours.

Facilities provided in Salesforce Tower Indianapolis depend on each office. For example, Salesforce which becomes the name of this tower provides various facilities for its workers. They include a fitness center, nursing room, meditation room, community room, and lounge room. In addition, it also has brown hardwood floors and green grass carpets since it applies ‘Ohana’ concept for its office.

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People who are inside this building can enjoy Indiana’s view. You can see Monument Circle and other spots in Indiana there. Some floors of the building ah can be used to see it include 2nd, 7th, 10th floors. However, seeing it from higher floors are also possible. Therefore, spending your leisure time in this Indiana’s tallest building can be a good option.

These are some facts about Salesforce Tower Indianapolis. You can visit and enter this building for various purposes. You can hold conferences or special events there. Visiting your favorite shops is also possible. Most importantly, you can enjoy the great view of Indianapolis from here.