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As JPMorgan Chase is one of the most well-known financial establishments in the world, its products are more familiar to consumers. This bank mostly serves people who are in good condition regarding their credit scores. That is probably the reason why secured credit card Chase products are not available. Nonetheless, this bank offers alternatives to it that you must not want to pass.

Alternatives to Secured Credit Card at Chase

This bank acknowledges the fact that there are people who do not have excellent financial standing but want to keep improving their credit history. Even if it proposes many credit card programs that are suited for people who have middle to high income or those who work in business sectors, it also tailors a secured credit card Chase alternative product. This card is quiet affordable because there is little to no hidden fee expected.

Freedom credit card from this bank is one of its famous products. Of course, similar with other products from this bank, you need to be rated good to excellent on your credit to obtain this card. This secured credit card Chase alternative product is often compared with secured credit cards from other issuers. It has a wide array of features that are interesting to card holders.

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As stated before, to get this card you got to have great credit score. Even then, trying to apply for this card will not harm you. It is because you current income is also considered in decision making process. If your application is still rejected, you can request for reappraisal. When you still fail after reappraisal, you look for other options than secured credit card Chase.

One of the most interesting things is introductory period of annual percentage rate, which is 0% for the first fifteen months. If you are using this card for managing your multiple credit card loans, it will be beneficial to you if those loans are concluded before introductory period ceases. As a new holder of this secured credit card Chase alternative card, you will gain $150 for spending at least $500 within the first three months. Cash back from 1% to 5% is also a prominent feature of this card. The cash reward does not expire as long as the credit card account is not in dormant. In addition to that, there is no annual fee that you have to pay.

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But if you still want a secured credit card Chase, you can try finding cards from other issuers. Currently, many credit card companies providing products with various specialties. There are cards that will allow you to switch onto the unsecured ones after some while. There are cards that boast about regular rewards for the holders. Cards that require low deposit are also popular.

Credit cards from Capital One and Discover it are good alternatives to secured credit card Chase. They do not demand annual fee. You can also post low deposit in this card. The most important part is that credit card activities on those cards are also reported continuously to important bureaus that analyze one’s credit score.