Secured Credit Card With Rewards

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Secured credit cards are the best alternative to choose if you want to own a credit card, but your credit score is bad or you have troubles related to credit in the past. Regular credit card applications require you to undergo several verification and analyses, making it harder to obtain a credit card. However, there is a range of secured credit card with rewards that you can choose from. That’s right – these cards are easier to obtain and offers rewards for you.

List of the Top Secured Credit Card with Rewards

Most of the credit cards that offer rewards for its holders are the top-tier ones, and people with good credit score are often the only ones eligible. These generous secured credit cards will give you the same benefit without having to increase your credit score, you can do that later. Without an excellent credit score, you can still get secured credit card with rewards.

The first one is AeroMexico Visa Secured Card. If you choose this card, you can get rewards in the form of travel miles. That way, you can travel more frequently and easily. Even better, you will get five thousand bonus miles on your first usage of this credit card. The travel miles can be redeemed on top airline services, such as Air France and Korean Air. If you travel often, this is the best secured credit card with rewards.

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SDFCU Savings Secured Visa Platinum offers a different form of reward, but the reward is just as interesting as the first one. When you use this secured credit card for shopping, you will get points no matter how much you spend, without a minimum amount. If you are not a top spender, this one might be your best bet. Another secured credit card with rewards is Navy Federal Credit Union Secured Card.

This card also gives reward in the form of points. For every dollar you spend, you will get one point. However, owning this card requires you to have family members who serve in the Navy or a veteran. If you meet this requirement, don’t waste the opportunity to get this card because it is one of the best choices for secured credit card with rewards.

SunTrust also offers secured credit card with rewards. SunTrust Secured Credit Card offers rewards in the form of cash money. Of course, this offer appeals to most people. When you spend money on grocery and gas, you will get two percent of cash back. Other purchases give you a reward of one percent. These rewards don’t expire, so you can collect a big amount of it before redeeming. There is an option that will bring even more profit for you. If you choose the rewards to be deposited in bank account, you will get an additional ten percent of cashback.

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The secured credit card with rewards mentioned above will obviously be the best choices if you are considering getting a secured credit card. If you are planning to get this card to build credit, don’t forget to use it responsibly.