Secured Credit Cards for No Credit

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Usually, people with no credit card go through difficulty in getting a credit card. While some people might think that it is unfair, this occurrence is more common than what you think. Take it easy because you can still have one even with no credit. That is, by applying for secured credit cards for no credit instead of unsecured ones or the regular credit cards.

The question then will lead you to what is wrong with the regular ones. Well, since the bank also needs an assurance that the applicant of the credit card is more than able, it is rather difficult to assess someone who has no experience in credit. They certainly have no idea of your behavior of credit. That is why an unsecured credit card is not very recommended for those who have no credit history. Below are the best secured credit cards that you might choose as your alternative in building your credit.

Two Best of Secured Credit Cards for No Credit

The first service of secured credit cards for no credit which is available for you to choose is OpenSky’s Secured Visa Credit Card. With no credit check requirement, the bank offering this service believes that everyone should have the same opportunity. This service will certainly help you to build your credit in a short time with its reports to three credit companies.

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Additionally, reviews have shown that more than ninety percent of the customers successfully earned their credit score with related credit company just within six months. This is impressive if you look at them who started off with no credit score beforehand.

This service of a secured credit card cost you annual fee, but you have no monthly fee to pay. It seems that the bank calculates the monthly fees into the annual fee. This kind of features in secured credit cards for no credit is surely beneficial for you because it will be easier for you to just pay it all in every twelve months. In addition, OpenSky offers you a possibility of you getting a refund from your security deposit. Of course, there are terms and agreement that should be met for this.

The second card coming from primor, it is primor’s Secured Visa Gold Card. Actually, in brief, the features offered by this card is somewhat similar to that of OpenSky. For example, this card also imposes annual fee policy instead if monthly fees. But, the amount of annual fees required is higher than that of OpenSky. On the brighter side, the interest rate of this card is lower than the OpenSky’s.

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With the fast and easy process of application, of course it won’t take time for you to finally have your own secured credit cards for no credit. That being said, you will also receive your credit score faster with constant good behavior of using the credit card. The reports that primor send to the three nationwide credit bureaus too, for sure, have a saying in you getting the credit score.