Secured Credit Cards for Poor Credit

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By this time, you probably already know about secured credit cards. This type of credit card is the best one to help stabilizing your financial and economic situation, including improving your already-bad credit score. However, of the many providers, do you know the best secured credit cards for poor credit? Here are some choices from various providers, each of which has advantages in certain areas.

5 Best Secured Credit Card in 2018

BankAmericard Secured credit card

Bank America is well known for serving its customers all over the US. This time, it issued a unique and attractive secured credit card. One of the key points of BankAmericard is its insanely high credit limit, with a minimum point of $300 and a maximum point of $4500. In addition, they also serve financial review to your account, with annual fee of $40.

Opensky Secured credit card

The confidence level of Opensky goes off the roof. It doesn’t do background check against your credit score, so everyone is free to use Opensky secured credit cards for poor credit. With 18.64% APR variables, you can have the opportunity to increase credit score to be greater than ever before.

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Capital one secured master card

Who doesn’t know the name of Capital One? The best credit card provider in this field is now issuing credit card for poor credit. Like its reputation, Capital One secured credit card is seen to be the best option with all the benefits and advantages provided. One of it is the ability to build a bad credit score into a good one with a responsible card care. In addition, you also have the opportunity to receive an additional credit limit when paying initial deposit between $50 and $200. Capital One secured master card also doesn’t receive annual fee, so you can add to your savings.

Platinum Digital Credit Union

One of the best features of secured credit cards for poor credit is the unlimited credit card value you can apply. You won’t be limited by how much early deposit you pay, but make sure you can pay for it at the end of month. In addition, Platinum DCU also provides low annual percentage rate, lower than other cards which is 12.75%. As we know, the lower the APR, the lighter the additional costs to be paid each month.

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Citi Secured MasterCard

This card will be very suitable for you who want to try using credit card. With an APR of 23.99% and a minimum deposit of $200, this credit card is considered pretty mediocre. Therefore, it doesn’t provide many extraordinary services. That’s why this card is highly recommended for those who want to have a simple financial stability and slowly build your credit score.

That’s the top five secured credit cards for poor credit. Make sure you choose the best one and adjust it also to your financial condition. Please visit the branch office of each bank to determine which secured credit card is the best for you.