Set Up JPay Account

Posted on is a website of the government that provides various services. It helps you find the location of an inmate. Everyone can access that website. However, if you visit the site, you are required to sign up to create an account. After you have an account, you need to login. Before talking further, it is very important to know how to set up JPay account. Is it difficult to make an account? It is not difficult at all. You just need to have an active email and know the state & ID of an inmate. If you do not know, there are JPay customer services that will help you via email or phone call.

On the site homepage, you can see many kinds of information. One of them is related to JPay office address. You can see the address on the contact. After you set up JPay account, you are able to contact them anytime you want in 24 hours a week. So, you can find important and urgent information related to inmates fast.

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Besides that, it is also very important to read the detailed and complete information about the newest products of JP5 Tablets that is very useful and important to know. The information is needed to find information of an inmate you love such as your family or friends in the jail. After you set up JPay account, you may have JP5s & JP5 mini. With it, you can communicate with an inmate you love smoothly and effectively.

After you know the steps to set up JPay account, you need to know about the communication between an inmate with the family or friend. To make it more understandable, you can pay attention to the example of received email messages by JP5 Tablet owned by an inmate. Here is the example.

For your information, JPay can also be used to send money to an inmate you love. Sending money using JPay is not only very easy but also fast. The money will be received by the right hand. So, you do not need to worry. If you want to send money through this, you need to set up JPay account first. So, learn how to do this.

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There are 3 different ways how to manage JPay account. You can access it from PC, laptop, or smartphone (iPhone & android) easily and flexibly. Therefore, everyone is able to set up JPay account and manage it to use for many services such as communicating with an inmate, sending money to an inmate, make a video visitation, etc.

If you still do not understand about the services provided by JPay (especially on prospective new customers), you need to see the JPay commercial video in detailed. From the video, there are so many features offered. However, it is only for members. Therefore, you have to set up JPay account first. Because creating an account is easy, so you have to be able to make it by your own easily.