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TDCJ stands for Texas Department of Criminal Justice. TDCJ Inmate Search is a department that offers information related to inmates in Texas United States. It means, everyone can see the list of prisoners and parolees via online. TDCJ Inmate Search Texas updates during weekdays for 24 hours. It purposes to serve a safety & convenience search to the publics. The information shared is accurate.

Why & How do You Use TDCJ Inmate Search?

There are many benefits of IDCJ Inmate Search. With this, you can find the prison location where your friends or family get jailed. It needs only short time. To find the location, you can use inmate locator. However, there are some rules and steps that you have to follow if you want to use this search engine.

Firstly, TDCJ Inmate Search needs minimum input. It makes everything easier to make a successful search. To find an inmate, you just need to type the first letter and the last name. Then, you may input TDCJ number, too. Now, the system will automatically search it.

If you do not find your loved prisoner from TDCJ Inmate Search, what should you do? It may be that the inmate is in an isolation area or convenient facility. If it happens, you must directly contact the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

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Recommended Websites of TDCJ

There are many websites of TDCJ. One of the most popular options is where it is the easiest one. You can input the last name, first name, the number of TDCJ, the number of SID, gender and race. It will help you find an inmate so fast and accurately.

In addition, you can also find the information related to location, current incarceration, and TDCJ number of inmate. Even more, you will also get the incarnation history similar to the newest incarnation like country and court conviction.

Alternatively, you can see & contact the family member using JPay. With more than 9 year experienced professionals, this website provides many facilities. For example, you can send email and money to an inmate. You do not need to worry because the money will be received in the right person. Even more, you can also chat with him or her using a visitation video. In addition, TDCJ Inmate Search also allows you send a gift such as music. Now, this website is used for over 30 states.

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Is TDCJ Different from Other Search Engines?

There are many search engines that can be used to find an inmate. However, different sites have some differences. TDCJ is also different from others. It is purposed for Texas. Some other search engines are IDOC for Idaho, NYS for New York, etc. There is also CCIC that is similar to TDCJ Inmate Search. Even though they are different, they have the similar purposes: to find inmate in certain location and look for other information.

In conclusion, if you want to communicate with a family, friend, or others in the jail, it will be a good idea to use TDCJ Inmate Search. So, you do not need to go outside to the location of the jail. Other features will also be more useful.