The New Enhanced ELL Reading Solution

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English has been the global language across the globe, making it the most important one to master. In fact, students in many schools across the US themselves have to face the challenge of both reaching the best English language proficiency possible and mastering the knowledge of academic content. To answer this issue, we have the new enhanced ELL reading solution to offer. Let’s see what this enhanced ELL reading solution has to offer for you by talking more about it in this chance.

This reading solution we are talking about here is one created for all learners of the language from Kindergarten to grade 5 and beyond. The new enhanced ELL reading solution consists of time-saving tools and resources needed for students of beginning to advanced level. The reading, listening, speaking, and writing instructions are all enhanced ELL. There are up to 5 new resources offered by this solution. First, you get ELL leveled reader packs from this. What do you think it is meant for?

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These packs are meant as complete resource for English learners of all levels. Here, teachers can choose between following the plan step by step and selecting individual materials to support all sorts of teaching. Second, the new enhanced ELL reading solution also has ELL content picture packs to offer. We use engaging images to develop vocabulary language and critical thinking skills of the students. This is the most effective and efficient way there is for students’ learning developments.

Third, the new enhanced ELL reading solution has prepared ELL vocabulary books for teachers to use as well. These books are meant to develop both social and academic language of students by emphasizing content area themes. Fourth, there is ELL assessments for the purpose of obtaining in-depth information about the development across the 4 important domains of English language that include speaking, writing, reading and listening, as you know. We ensure to not miss this very part.

Last, there is also ELL language skill packs coming from the new enhanced ELL reading solution. These are the resource the teachers would need to use for teaching targeted language skills as they build students’ knowledge of academic content. These five resources are what we suggest to be of a great help for teachers to at least improve their students’ proficiency of English language. Not to mention, they sure are convenient for being available for students of all language proficiency levels.

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We realize that students need necessary support to obtain higher level of thinking skills as well as the ability to analyze content knowledge as they develop their language skills. So, the new enhanced ELL reading solution has these 5 resources to use together. That way, teachers can build learning experiences that are authentic and effective for students. Make Learning A-Z your learning partner and you will surely benefit from the new enhanced ELL reading solution and other features we bring. It is worth trying so do give it a try yourself then.