The Newly Redesigned Reading A-Z

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As you might have known, Reading A-Z has a bunch of resources to be found in our website. Since it has been a bit overgrown, we decide to make it easier, quicker, and more convenient to browse through our resources when logging into Reading A-Z. There are 5 new parts of the website that the newly redesigned Reading A-Z has to offer. Of course, we renew these parts by considering how the visitors would likely want from browsing through website, especially teachers who need materials.

Well, the first part changed in the newly redesigned Reading A-Z is for the purpose of make it easy to download reading materials to teach students. Redesigning the site should be done with teachers’ needs in mind after all. So, here we make it possible for you to get a display of drop-down menu of resource categories by giving merely one click on the resource tab at the page top. Choose the category and you will get the related resources. Your search will be done an instant this way for sure.

The second part changed is for the sake of making it possible for visitors to type in keyword to get the resources they need. That is why the newly redesigned Reading A-Z has search box included and has it designed at the page top right beside the resource display. Teachers can even narrow down the list of the resources as need. Having complete reading solution won’t be enough if the website to obtain its quality resources from is not that cooperative to let people make the search easy, right?

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The third part is pretty much meant to take care of the need of resource storage. Thus, the newly redesigned Reading A-Z has the so-called file cabinet designed at the page top. This very cabinet will let the teachers to have access to any previously chosen resources. They can even place them into the personal place. With personal file cabinet, you can keep using it to add resources as well as create new folders. Reading A-Z website is sure to give quick and easy access to such kind of things.

The fourth is more to answer the demand of management tool for electronic student-centric resources. For this, we have the newly redesigned Reading A-Z designed with manage students tab at the page top. By simply clicking on the tab, teachers would be able to organize student roster, check it in basket, make assignments, and even view student reports. You can get e-books by subscribing, but if not, you can click on Manage Students in this newly designed website for a trial.

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The fifth part of the newly redesigned Reading A-Z is actually the Teacher Corner you can find at the top as well. Here, you can get all sorts of useful information tops and even user support videos collected under this tab. Now, you know navigating your way through the site would be a lot easier with these parts changed and added to the design. Children have diverse instructional needs after all, so the newly redesigned Reading A-Z will be the place where you can easily find the resources.