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Raz Kids received the award since it gives many reading sources. It has advantages for teachers, students, and parents. One of its advantages is teachers can do a transfer students in Raz Kids. It also has books in many levels, nursery rhymes, poetry books, Spanish books, and songbooks. Those books are available for students in the book room. Students can browse books suitable for their level in “Your Assignment” option. Students can move to the higher level by finishing to read all books ready for their level, listening to it, and answering quizzes.

The Raz Kids also has many advantages for parents. Parents can track all of their kids’ progress and activities, such as tracking which book they’ve read and they listen to, which online quiz they’ve taken, and what score they’ve got. Moreover, they also can ask teachers to give them a regular report of their children’s achievement by email.

For teachers, there are also various advantages waiting for them. The best thing is teachers can do transfer students to Raz Kids. By doing assignments, teachers can know students’ competency and decide whether they move to the higher level or just in the same level. Teachers can do this management action via roster. They also can put in one or many new students. Of course, teachers can do transfer students in Raz Kids with the help of the roster.

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If teachers want to do transfer students in Raz Kids, they have to enter in their account by filling username and their password. To do transfer students in Raz Kids, they must go to their “Roster” and choose the “Transfer Students” option. In this option, teachers can see a list of all students name. Then, they just have to click or scroll down and give a sign (check mark) on students’ name. After that, they must choose “Transfer” option and wait for the page to go to another new page. These steps are simple steps to do transfer students in Raz Kids.

Raz Kids Login is a simple and genius website for students to help them in the learning process. It’s also good for teachers and parents who want to manage the progress of students’ learning process. Along with the Robot Builder and Raz Rocket, learning with Raz Kids will be a smartest and most fun learning ever for children. Students can earn stars and use it to decorate the Raz Rocket and also the Robot Builder.

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The other excellence of Raz Kids Login is that the class can use this website as well as the individual student at home. It’s good news for students and teachers since the teachers can do transfer students in Raz Kids. Raz Kids is a fun online source for better students’ competency and comprehension. Both an individual student and a class can use the genius Raz Kids. What a genius and fun website?