United Wholesale Mortgage Complaints

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It is a good idea to apply for mortgage loan when you don’t have money to complete the total payment of new home to buy. With the loan, you can schedule the payment in the agreed term length by considering your income. That being said, the problem lies in which financial services company you should choose to apply from. If you want us to suggest one, why don’t you consider United Wholesale Mortgage then? Finding out United Wholesale Mortgage complaints would be of help to better know about the firm itself. So, let’s see what we can learn about this company here.

Record of the Complaints to UWM Firm

Yes, United Wholesale Mortgage complaints will give you enough insight of how good the company is. From the number itself for example, the fewer they are, the better the company is viewed by consumers. Other than the number, learning whether or not the complaints have been resolved by company shows enough that UWM does dedicate themselves to serve their customers and help solve their problems. If they don’t do anything to resolve United Wholesale Mortgage complaints, you can’t truly trust their reliability, right?

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So, why don’t we look at the record of UWM complaints then? Did you know? According to Better Business Bureau, there are only 16 complaints recorded in the last 3 years. This is quite low number if we must say. Not to mention, those United Wholesale Mortgage complaints have all been resolved by the company. It makes all the more reason for you to choose this form, right? You know they will serve you well through the problems that might come in the future and not just for the applications of the mortgage loan only. You can expect no less from this financial services company here indeed.

Reporting Your Complaints About UWM

Just because there have been only 16 United Wholesale Mortgage complaints so far, there is no one who can guarantee that there will be none whatsoever in the future. Anything can happen after all. At the very least, you must be prepared and know where to report one if it does happen to you. When it comes to that, the company allows United Wholesale Mortgage complaints to be reported via phone call at (800)-981-8898. Give it a try first beforehand. The customer support should at least make an effort to help solve the problem.

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If you just can’t make the call, there is other alternative you can consider. You know this company has their own official website, right? Through its website, we are sure that you should be able to find Contact Us section since there is always that in every company’s official website. So, visit www.uwm.com and click on the section to learn the means to deliver United Wholesale complaints. Sometimes, United Wholesale Mortgage complaints need to be reported in handwritten or typed form after all. Of course, you will have to send such report through either postal address or email.