US Bank Secured Credit Card

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Looking for a credit card that is globally acceptable and will help rebuild credit score at the same time? Don’t look for it anywhere else, because the savior is here. This magical card exists and it can be obtained with several simple requirements. Rebuilding credit sore has never been easier with this US Bank secured credit card.

This secured credit card even offers two options to choose how to give the initial fund to the secured credit card once it is issued. To fund US Bank secured credit card, savings or checking can be used. If this method is chosen, it can be done online to make it even more time efficient. Other than this method, the initial fund can be made by printing an application and mailing a cashier’s check.

What Are the Benefits Offered by US Bank Secured Credit Card?

When this secured credit card from US Bank is used, users are offered many benefits – at least six of them. Firstly, the holders will not be charged for any usage if their card is stolen or used by someone not authorized. This way, the chance of having to spend money for something you don’t get can be eliminated.

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Next, the misuse of this card can be prevented by getting unusual activities reported to the card holder. So, when the owner of the US Bank secured credit card does not realize that their card is going somewhere, they will get notifications to prevent further loss.

The owners of US Bank secured credit card can also use their rented car in peace because when the entire cost of car rental is paid using this credit card, it is automatically equipped with insurance from US bank. If there is a car collision or theft, it will be covered.

Other than manually getting information about their credit card in ATM machines or from bank tellers, the holders of US Bank secured credit card can use online services to manage their credit card. This offers extra convenience for card holders who do not have much time to take care of their daily errands, let alone checking their credit card. Some of the things that can be done online are: checking account history, balance, making a payment, getting a cash advance, and so much more.

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If a US Bank Secured Credit Card holder frequently forgets to pay the bills or is afraid to accidentally do so, they can use the automatic bill payment feature to avoid this. As we know, the late payment of bills will result in great interest, which makes the bills harder to pay off.

The automatic bill payment feature offered by US Bank secured credit card is called FlexControl. It is claimed to be able to put you more in control of your credit card.

Shortly after the application for US Bank secured credit card is approved, the credit card will be directly sent to the applicant. The amount of deposit made in the beginning will be used to make a saving account as a guarantee that the credits can be paid.