Using Reading A-Z and Raz Kids’ New on Your Own Area

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Do you become a RAZ user already? Perhaps, you have realized that getting a lot of reading materials online is necessary to meet students’ reading resource needs. Nowadays, using Reading A-Z and Raz Kids’ New On Your Own Area is possible because you can get access to many reading materials on Raz Kids to provide them for your students. On Raz Kids, there are so many animated books with more than 27 difficulty levels to allow students to spend their time on reading. In this case, students can read, listen to the reading, and then answer some questions given for the test. For a teacher, Raz Kids also gives a tool that helps teachers manage their students’ progression in the report and then give the proper instruction to the students.

As it is mentioned before, using reading A-Z and Raz Kids’ new On Your Own Area is not impossible because we apparently just add On Your Own as the new feature in this program. This feature is great for educators who have subscribed on Raz Kids and Reading A-Z. This new feature itself consists of the entire level of reading materials or ebooks on Reading A-Z, and there are about 27 difficulty levels available in this new feature. Using Reading A-Z and Raz Kids’ New on Your Own Area is a new good experience to increase knowledge. Also, there are some online quizzes available on each ebook that you read from On Your Own Area. Furthermore, the quiz section also has comprehension skill tags to report the score to the students as well as the skill list for additional instruction.

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Teachers can review the student’s skill and gives additional instruction and then search for books on Reading A-Z along with its lesson plan to educate and improve some missed skills. Eventually, you are on Reading A-Z while you can add Rad Kids to find the best solution for a reading section for students. Both Raz Kids and Reading A-Z are connected each other to provide any reading materials you want to teach your students by using Reading A-Z and Raz Kids’ New On Your Own Area.

Raz Kids and Reading A-Z have a simple reading system based on the level A-Z to organize the reading materials. Using Reading A-Z and Raz Kids’ New on Your Own Area is not that difficult because the system will measure the complexity. The system will be able to determine the reading passage complication to maintain the instruction. Let us call it Learning A-Z text leveling system that uses criteria based on quantitative leveling and qualitative leveling to know the text complexity. The qualitative measure belongs to the reading passage that somebody can evaluate along with its factors like meaning level, writer purpose, language clarity, the structure of the text, and much more. Meanwhile, the statistical text measurement is conducted based on quantitative measure along with its factors, for example, the number of syllables each word, average sentence length, and the work counts.

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As a teacher who is using Reading A-Z and Raz Kids’ New On Your Own Area, you can also give your qualitative criteria professionally along with the task and reader’s consideration to know if the book given to each student is suitable for them or not.