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Welcome to Learning A-Z. If students have the right learning resources today, imagine their future. Each time a child learns to read, his world becomes brighter. The same goes for us as well. The main foundation of learning of any kind is literacy. However, the learning levels of children differ one from another. Teachers do their best to teach their students, wherever they are. Here, learning A-Z can help.

In Welcome to Learning A-Z, we have customizable learning supplements that can meet the need of every child. Yes, regardless of their level of learning or curriculum. Welcome to Learning A-Z allows teachers to do their job efficiently and easily. It means that the level of general literacy is improved and the world brighter.

With Welcome to Learning A-Z, you will be able to do your best for your students. The supplemental materials we provide will help you do so. Using Learning A-Z, teachers will be able to differentiate as well as customize learning for every student. Not only that, but we also provide learning resources which may not be available in regular education programs. On the one hand, we help teachers save their time. On the other, we help them by giving them access to a large collection of learning resources. Moreover, our learning resources can be accessed online at any time. So, you will be able to get whatever you need, whenever you need.

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The way we read is changing. Today, many words are competing with each other. Many kids love their gadgets too much, yet, they still have a desire to learn. Well, they can. We have interactive options online, such as various audiobooks, read aloud feature and voice recording. With these features, they can learn better at home. Welcome to Learning A-Z, where we combine technology with the best learning resources.

Shawne has a dream, which is to become a famous TV anchor. With Reading A-Z, she can practice and read out loud scripts from Reader’s Theater. As their reading level increases so are their confidence. We have lessons for phonological awareness to help students pronounce properly.

Lots of Ms. Walker’s students are struggling and not motivated. Thanks to Raz Kids, these problems are no more. The challenged students became independent. They like the features of Raz Kids which allow them to choose audiobooks; record their reading voices as well as do the quiz to test their ability. Some of Ms. Walker’s students even practice at home with Ms. Walker assigned assignments using Teacher’s Corner feature.

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Jacob’s dream is to become an astronaut. Before that, he must understand the rocket science, gravity, and space. Here, Science A-Z will be able to help him. Since Jacob’s teacher has a year Science A-Z subscription for the class, Jacob now can read about Mars at his reading level.

Another kid, Jorge, has a dream of becoming a designer for video games. To prepare for his dream, he will need to be able to write and read properly. Here, Writing A-Z can help.

Sara is going to be a leader of a biotech engineer team in the future. Today, Sara uses Vocabulary A-Z to prepare for the future. With Vocabulary A-Z, Sara’s teacher can customize lists of words from various subjects, including science. Sara’s teacher understands that she can depend on Vocabulary A-Z to help her create lesson plans as well as vocabulary lists. Welcome To Learning A-Z., these are our features to help teachers and students.