Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Payoff Request

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When you are about to make your last mortgage payment, we are sure that most of you would want to credit it as soon as possible. Then, the mortgage lien will be cleared from your title. What’s more? The bills for homeowners insurance and property taxes will be your responsibility, not paid though the escrow account. To realize this, you need Wells Fargo home mortgage payoff request for quote. Mortgage payoff request will send the hassles away if you plan on selling the property. Let’s discuss it more in this opportunity here then.

How Payoff Quote Could Benefit You

Before you make Wells Fargo home mortgage payoff request yourself, you must have wanted to know just what this payoff quote could benefit you, right? To tell you the truth, customers tend to miss its benefit. Need to be known that payoff quote is useful to simplify your payoff process. You might never realize this before that customers can owe more than what they think. This happens because they pay mortgage in arrears. So, to avoid this too, Wells Fargo home mortgage payoff request must actually be considered.

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Requesting the Quote to the Lender

Now that you have known the benefit of payoff quote, you should try requesting for one. You can do so to the lender or loan servicer at least 30 days before the last payment schedule of your WF home mortgage. Within 7 days, the requested quote will be delivered to you. An expiration date will be set and there is a fee to be paid by you to fail the request to release the lien from your title. Prepayment penalty and wire transfer might be required if asked too. Wells Fargo home mortgage payoff request needs all of these to be made by you.

Waiting Lender for Release Request

Within 30 days of the payoff, the lender is obliged to file release request with the county recorder. If by chance the lender fails to meet the deadline, there is no need for you to worry. Demand letter will be sent to the lender to trigger the penalty. Wells Fargo home mortgage payoff request with quote won’t make things unfair for the customers. All you need to do in this step of how to do Wells Fargo home mortgage payoff request is to wait for the lender to do the job. If it is WF that you pick, you can trust their professionalism.

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Receiving the Copy of the Release

After that, you might receive confirmation letter. However, you need to know that it does not mark the end of this Wells Fargo payoff request. Even if you have zero balance, there will be no clear title to your home. You have to wait until the release request is recorded by the county for 2 months at most. Then, you will receive the copy of the release with recording date and document number of the county through mail or in person in the recorder’s office. Thus, Wells Fargo home mortgage payoff request will end with this.