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Did you apply for home equity loan to Wells Fargo? Of course, there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, this company is just the right one to go for all mortgage needs you could ask for. We practically owe money from them with the loan. Of course, we have to pay it off within the agreed term length. There are payment methods that the company provides clients with. Among them, you can do so by mail. For that though, you will need to find out about Wells Fargo mortgage address. Let us tell you about it and the payment method here below.

How You Make the Payment through the Mail

You know you just need to transfer when you make the payment online. However, how do things go to pay the loan by mailing it to Wells Fargo mortgage address? Of course, you are not supposed to slip your money inside the mail envelope. To make payment by mail, you need to send the money by check. Include it along with the payment coupon in the statement. Then, you can have it sent to the right Wells Fargo mortgage address. See? With online method, you pay by transferring money. With postal mail, you pay by sending money check.

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Find the Right Postal Address for the Payment

Now that you know what to send to the company to make the payment, the right mortgage address should be your next concern. Depending on where you live, the address can be different from one to another. You can find the right Wells Fargo mortgage address for your payment written on your statement. If you don’t have it yet, you can call the company at 1-800-357-6675 for assistance. They should provide you with the right information, for sure. In fact, asking them is safer if you want to make sure you don’t send mail to wrong place.

The Addresses for Clients of Western States

As it was said before, the Wells Fargo mortgage address to pay for home equity is differentiated by the area you are living in. If you live in Western states, the payments for home equity line of credit should be directed to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., P.O. Box 51172, Los Angeles, CA 90051-5472. For the principal payments only, the right Wells Fargo mortgage address should be Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., P.O. Box 51170, Los Angeles, CA 90051-5470. Pay attention to which is which so that you don’t mistake what your payment is actually for.

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The Addresses for Clients of Eastern States

Of course, WF address for clients of eastern states would be different. Though, just like before, the address is differentiated by the needs. If it is for home payments, you need to send the mail to Wells Fargo Bank, Des Moines. As for the principal-only payments, the right Wells Fargo mortgage address would be Wells Fargo Bank, IA 50306-3412. Now that you know where to send, be sure to consider the payment will be received by firm on time.