Wells Fargo Mortgage Bill Pay

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Don’t you have the time to make mortgage payment manually yourself? There is no need for you to worry about that. Wells Fargo does not make things difficult for their customers. You can always consider choosing Wells Fargo mortgage Bill Pay. Mortgage Bill Pay is one popular payment method in many financial services companies today. To start with it, you just need to follow some simple steps. Let us show you the way then if you are interested in making your mortgage payment through this method too. Now, let’s just get down to it.

1. Open Account and Set Up the Payees

First things first, of course you need to have Wells Fargo account beforehand. So, enroll for one by clicking the Enroll Now link in the Sign On section of the website. If you have enrolled already, you can visit https://www.wellsfargo.com/online-banking/bill-pay/ and click on the Get Started with Bill Pay to start Wells Fargo mortgage Bill Pay. Open your account through there and set up the payees of the payments of your Wells Fargo mortgage Bill Pay. Only then, you can move on to the next step of this procedure to get the payment all done.

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2. Schedule the Payments of Your Loan

Now that you have set the payees up, it is the time for you to schedule the payments of Wells Fargo mortgage. You have to fill in the information about how much the amount you are going to pay as well as when it will be paid to the payees you set up before. Make sure that you fill in the right information if you don’t want the payments to fail by either sending the wrong amount or in the wrong time. After all, it will be the system of Wells Fargo mortgage Bill Pay that will take care of the rest for you. So, pay more attention to this.

3. Set Up the Auto Pay for the Payment

Once you have provided the right information in the previous step of Wells Fargo mortgage Bill Pay above, there is one more thing that needs to be taken care of by you. It would be to set up the auto pay. This step is the one that will enable the system to take care of your bill. Simply put, you act as the one who set the rules on timing and amount and they will follow them for you. This is how Wells Fargo mortgage Bill Pay works. Don’t you think it is pretty convenient? You don’t have to do everything yourself if you can count on them.

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4. Wait for the Confirmation by Mail

As long as you have set up the auto pay, the next step of the procedure will be done by the system. They will send your payments exactly as you tell them to be. So, you can rest assured and just wait for the payments to be made for you. You don’t have to worry about anything. Through WF mortgage Bill Pay, any payments will be confirmed by mail. Thus, customers know whether or not the payments have been made. Wells Fargo mortgage Bill Pay is this great. That is why many customers prefer this method over the others.