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It won’t hurt to know financial services companies’ background before you set on one to request mortgage loan from. In fact, by doing so, you will be able to get good insight of its capability. If one was founded long ago and keeps running up until now for example, it shows you enough that the company has good reputation among customers. Besides, running for so long gives one more than enough experience serving customers. You can trust company like that. How about Wells Fargo Mortgage Company if that is the case then?

Early Years of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Talking about historical background, of course we will have to start from the time when the Wells Fargo Mortgage Company was founded. This financial services company we are talking about here was actually founded in 1905. In fact, it was known by different name than now. People at that time knew this company as Norwest Mortgage Company. It was in April 2000 that the name was changed into Wells Fargo Mortgage Company and it remains up until today. It has been a long time since WF Mortgage Company was first around, indeed.

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How People Know Wells Fargo Firm Today

Today, the company of Wells Fargo Mortgage is so well known. It might have been the subsidiary of Wells Fargo Bank, but you should have known that the bank itself is not an ordinary one. Why, of course, it is one of the top ones in US and even in the whole world. You can expect good things from it. Wells Fargo Mortgage Company has great vision too. They believe that everyone deserves to have decent place to live in. They strive to realize this for the purpose of building stronger communities. How can they do such kind of things then?

Creating decent place to live might not seem to be all affordable to begin with. However, Wells Fargo Mortgage Company believes that it is not impossible at all. In order to create affordable and sustainable housing, they work with both established local and national non-profit organizations. With their help, it becomes possible for this mortgage company to offer affordable and sustainable housing for families with low to moderate income. Wells Fargo Mortgage Company has invested up to $190 million to build or rehabilitate up to 7,100 homes. This is how good this company really is.

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Contact Information of WF Mortgage Firm

If you ever apply for mortgage loan to this company, you will eventually find the need to find out their contact information. Depending on the needs, you might need to contact different contact info of Wells Fargo Mortgage Company. Visit www.wellsfargo.com for complete list of the contacts. But, let us tell you that the company is currently based at 1 Home Campus, Des Moines, IA 50328-0001, United States. You can call them at 800-853-8516 and fax at 541-382-8169. Now, don’t you want to loan from this company? It will be worth a try.