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Surely, you must have heard a lot that mortgage is the right solution to those who want to buy new home but don’t have enough money to pay it off at the moment and possibly in the near future. With mortgage, you are allowed to borrow money to buy the home and pay it off in the agreed term length in monthly basis. Of course, there are requirements to be met to qualify for one. If you are not sure to qualify for it yourself, you can contact Wells Fargo mortgage department. This mortgage department is there to answer your call for it.

What Mortgage Loan Prequalification Really Is

Wells Fargo mortgage department is not there to offer their loans to those who are qualified and ready for it to begin with. To qualify for one, the company will consider the condition of your finance and your income more than the reason you loan for one. Once everything is considered, Wells Fargo mortgage department will tell you whether you are qualify or not. People with stable income might not worry that much about being eligible for the loan. Most people with such income can meet the requirements after all. It is only natural, right?

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With stable income, it ensures Wells Fargo department for home loans that you have promise to pay it off eventually in the future. What if you are even unsure of that yourself then? If that is the case with you, contact Wells Fargo mortgage department to prequalify for mortgage. By applying for one, you can get the company to see if you meet at least the minimum requirements to loan. If you do, you will be told how much you can loan too. Now that they do the job for you, wouldn’t applying for mortgage prequalification be a great idea to do?

How You Can Apply for Mortgage Prequalification

There is procedure to follow if you have made up your mind to have the Wells Fargo mortgage department listen to your request for prequalification. You don’t have to worry since you will need to follow some simple steps only. Let’s see below.

  • Visit https://mortgage.wellsfargo.com/affinity/mortgage-prequalification.page
  • Fill in the form with the correct information
  • Read the agreement to this prequalification
  • Click on Submit button
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Once you are done with the form and have it submitted to Wells Fargo mortgage department, you just need to wait for them to contact you for this.

Yes, you can contact them directly yourself if you wish for such thing. To do so, you need to call WF mortgage department at 1-877-937-9357. The scheduled time for the call is at 7am-9pm on Monday through Friday, 8am-6pm on Saturday, and 10am-6pm on Sunday. You can ask questions through this number as well. The staff of Wells Fargo mortgage department should be ready to serve you with for everything you need from them. They are all knowledgeable and skilled to help you for sure.