Wells Fargo Mortgage Lawsuit Reimbursement

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Have you heard about the recent issue of Wells Fargo over the past year? Or are you one of the victims to that very issue yourself? Yes, we are talking about the issue when about 3.5 million unauthorized accounts were made in customers’ names. This scandal was happening right after unrealistic sales goals for employees were set. If you are experiencing this problem, applying for Wells Fargo Mortgage lawsuit reimbursement would be the best to go. Let’s see how to apply for this lawsuit reimbursement in this opportunity.

1. See If You Are Eligible to File the Claim

First than anything, you have to meet the requirements to be eligible to apply for something. Of course, others other than the victims to the scandal have no rights to ask for Wells Fargo Mortgage lawsuit reimbursement. Those who are eligible for Wells Fargo Mortgage lawsuit reimbursement are the ones who believe their name has been used without their permission for any kinds of account. Also, you have to be WF customers between May 1, 2002 and April 20, 2017. Having authorized identity theft protection services would help too.

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2. File the Claim for the Issue Settlement

Actually, WF bank itself has identified the potential victims to that scandal and sent claim forms by early October. If you are not included, then file the claim for Wells Fargo reimbursement yourself at https://wfsettlement.com/. There is nothing else needed other than the claim form. So, you can feel relieved that the process won’t be as complicated as you might think. The filling of the claim has started since October 6. So, go ahead and deal with the issue by applying for Wells Fargo Mortgage lawsuit reimbursement as soon as possible then.

3. Wait for the Final Approval of the Claim

Now that you have sent your claim, wait for the final approval from the company. Up to $142 million fund of settlement is meant to be paid out to the plaintiff of Wells Fargo Mortgage lawsuit reimbursement. The fund is actually divided into 3 categories. They are Fee Reimbursement for the unauthorized accounts, Credit Impact Damages for credit scores that were hurt, and Additional Compensation for the number of fraudulent accounts claimed. You will get either of them from Wells Fargo Mortgage lawsuit reimbursement.

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4. Precaution for Similar Issue in the Future

Although the recent issue has been dealt with, there is no one who can guarantee that unexpected things like that won’t happen again in the future. Why don’t you consider some precaution then? It won’t hurt to be prepared for Wells Fargo mortgage lawsuit. So, sign up for credit monitoring service right away. With this service, you can catch if unknown accounts by your name are made. It alerts you immediately. Applying for Wells Fargo Mortgage lawsuit reimbursement is not the only thing you can do to deal with this very issue we have here. If that is the case, do give it a try for your sake.