Wells Fargo Mortgage Modification

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Are you planning on requesting mortgage modification? Of course, Wells Fargo & Company serves customers for such needs as well. If you have never done this before, it is only natural for you to wonder just how the modification process goes. There is nothing for you to worry about. Wells Fargo lets the customers know how the procedure is. Let’s see the process of Wells Fargo mortgage modification here. Knowing this should give you peace of mind if you are a first timer to mortgage needs and other things related to them.

  1. Call the Firm and Discuss Things

People have their own reasons to apply for Wells Fargo mortgage modification. Most of the reasons would be none other than financial hardship. Mortgagors would hope they could lower the payment or get some sort of dispensation for it. If you are one of them, you can start everything by calling the firm at 1-800-678-7986.  Then, you can have discussion session with the specialist where you can tell your problem. They will ask your annual gross income amount to proceed with the right option of Wells Fargo mortgage modification for you.

  1. Fill Out the Necessary Documents
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Now that you are done with the discussion, the Wells Fargo home preservation specialist will send certain modification forms of Wells Fargo mortgage in the package to you. So, once you receive it, make sure to fill them out with the correct information properly. Gather the necessary documents needed for it then sign the forms. Be mindful not to leave anything out. The company won’t proceed with the process of Wells Fargo mortgage modification unless they have everything necessary for it from you. Give recheck before you send.

  1. Submit All Forms & the Documents

Of course, the next thing you will need to do is to submit all forms and documents for your Wells Fargo mortgage modification. Before that though, we suggest you to pay attention to some details here. When you fill out the forms, don’t leave anything unanswered. Use n/a if something does not apply to you. Writing loan number on every page would be good to organize things. Sign and date all forms. Also, they need only the copies of your documents. Then, submit everything even the blank ones for Wells Fargo mortgage modification.

  1. Monitor Status and Wait the Result
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All you need to do after this is actually to wait for the result. Let us tell you that the process will take even up to 30 days. If you can’t wait for words that long, you can actually check the status of your Wells Fargo modification via online or call your home preservation specialist directly. If you are okay even without seeing the status, just wait for the specialist to call you once they are done reviewing your application instead. They will be sure to let you know what options you might have to choose for the Wells Fargo mortgage modification.