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Have you decided to come to Wells Fargo mortgage office and apply for loan there? Or did you just find the need to take care of your mortgage in person? Either way, you can do so through the nearest branches to your home. To find one easily on your own, you can just use mortgage locator at https://www.wellsfargo.com/locator/. You can always use the search box of course, but you can try its interactive map too. Let us tell you how to find the mortgage office with this map in this chance.

Searching for the ATM or Banking Location

First things first, you need to know the basic way of using the interactive map to find Wells Fargo mortgage office near you. There is only map in the locator page after all. There is not even the name of the state written on the map. You can only find it if you move your cursor right on the sectioned parts of the nation. The name of the state as well as the number of the banks and ATMs are made known to you that way. However, this is not how you find Wells Fargo mortgage office specifically.

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It would be especially so if you intend to find one WF Mortgage or two in the state you are living in. To do so, here is simple step to follow below.

  • Click on the state you are living in on the map
  • Choose the intended city from the pop-up menu
  • Click on it and find the results

There should be more than one Wells Fargo mortgage office you get from the results. Each branch has its own address. So, see if at least one of them is located nearby. You can go there when needed.

Making the Search Without Using the Mouse

You have only your laptop to make the search at the moment. Unless you have devices with touch screen, you might not seem to find it possible to click on the state and follow the steps above to find Wells Fargo mortgage office, right? Well, there is no need to worry. Even if you have no mouse to navigate through the page freely, you can still make good use of the keyboard. Of course, to find Wells Fargo mortgage office this way, you need to know the right controls to get the job done here.

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There is not much you need to learn to find WF office by using the mouse on the interactive map. Still, you need to pay attention ho to do it well.

  • Press Tab key till the last checkpoint of the map
  • Press the key once again to have control of the map
  • Use arrow keys to shift to right, left, up, or down
  • Use + key to zoom in and – key to zoom out

These controls will let you find the intended Wells Fargo mortgage office with the keyboard for sure.