Wells Fargo Mortgage Payment Online

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Making payment for our mortgage loan was done manually in the bank at first. However, time changes and technology keeps advancing. From payment in person, we begin to be capable of doing it via mail. From mail, we can do so by phone. Now, we can deal with pretty much everything via online. That being said, there is always procedure to every method of Wells Fargo mortgage payment. If you are interested in doing Wells Fargo mortgage payment online, we will tell you how good it is and how you can enroll for it yourself. Let’s just get down to it in this opportunity below.

The Benefits of Making Loan Payments Online

Before we discuss about how to enroll for Wells Fargo mortgage payment online, let us tell you the benefits of choosing this very payment method beforehand here. This is the newest method that many financial services firms offer to their customers. In fact, it is a very popular method of payment now. Why, of course, it is convenient, first than anything. With Wells Fargo mortgage payment online, you can simply transfer the money from bank account. There is no more need for you to go to the bank yourself with cash on your hands.

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WF mortgage payment online also allows customers to make more than one payment to your mortgage account in the same day. Not to mention, it is free too. What’s more? Customers can actually set some things, like single payment or automatic, electronic withdrawal. What can be more convenient than that then? Also, if needed, Wells Fargo mortgage payment online can make it possible for us to view all transfers and payments scheduled for all of your accounts. You can simply do all of them in one place. Isn’t that neat?

How You Can Enroll to Make Loan Payment

Before you can go to transfer the payments, you will have to do online enrollment to make it possible for us to do Wells Fargo mortgage payment online. How can we do such thing then? Of course, there is procedure even to Wells Fargo mortgage payment online here. Let’s see below then.

  • Refer to your welcome letter and read the information
  • Wait for your account information to be available in their system
  • Visit https://oam.wellsfargo.com/oamo/identity/authentication?execution=e1s1 and complete the one time enrollment
  • Wait till you get your online statements
  • Send your payment on time
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If you are already enrolled, make Wells Fargo mortgage payment online through your account. Sign on at https://connect.secure.wellsfargo.com/auth/login/present?origin=cob&LOB=CONS and you can proceed with the process of mortgage payment online. Make sure to fill in the right username and password. You won’t be able to access your account for it otherwise. What can you ask more than this? Convenient payment methods like this do save us much trouble. It does not even occupy most of your time. It is a lifesaver when you are busy and near the deadline. Don’t you think so too?