Wells Fargo Mortgage Payment Phone Number

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As you might have known, you can make your mortgage payment in all sorts of ways. If you just don’t have the time to pay in person or don’t prefer doing so online, you can always make the payment by phone. Of course, you will need to find out Wells Fargo mortgage payment phone number first if you decide to go with this method. You must have been wondering too how you can make Wells Fargo mortgage payment by phone, right? If that is the case with you, let us tell you everything you need to know about this one.

1. Finding Out the WF Phone Number

First things first, we have to know the right Wells Fargo mortgage payment phone number. There are many phone numbers provided by the company. One phone number is meant for certain thing. So, don’t mistake one from another or the other way around. For one with automated phone system, call at 1-800-357-6675. For one with customer service payment assistance, the Wells Fargo mortgage payment phone number is the same, but you must call between 6am-10pm on Monday through Friday and 8am-2pm on Saturday.

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2. Call the Automated Phone Number

Now that you have known the right Wells Fargo phone number to call, you can make the call right away. If there is nothing other than the payment to make, calling Wells Fargo mortgage payment phone number with automated phone system would do the job just fine. Make the call on the transfer date and send the payment after that. Making the payment via phone call is just as easy as this. Well, it sure is easy, assuming that you need to inquire something to the customer service of the very company we are talking about here.

3. Call the One for Payment Assistance

Customers don’t always need to make the payment and be done with it. Sometimes, they need some assistance too in case it won’t be finished with just sending the payment. If that is the case, you need to call Wells Fargo mortgage payment phone number above in the scheduled time and ask to speak with customer service representative. Surely, the staff on the other line should know what needs to be done to help make the payment that might be different than usual. So, feel free to call Wells Fargo mortgage payment phone number.

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4. Send the Payment to the Right Place

Sometimes, customers need to make the payment right at the moment too. If that is the case then, the payment should be sent by mail to the right payment address. Yes, although it is sent by mail, it is still part of the steps to make the payment by calling mortgage payment phone number to begin with. The right address to send the payment can be found in your welcome letter, in the Important Information box to be exact. After the call to Wells Fargo mortgage payment phone number, be sure to do this right away to get the payment done.