Wells Fargo Mortgage Payment

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You know you can always rely on mortgage service to make big purchase when you don’t have enough money at the moment. However, you need to know that you are borrowing money from the firm here. At some point later, you will have to make mortgage payment in the agreed term length. That being said, each firm must have their own payment methods to provide you with. If Wells Fargo mortgage payment is what you are looking to do, let us tell you their four payment methods below. Choose the one you are most comfortable with.

1. Wells Fargo Mortgage Online Payment

Just like any others, this company would also provide customers with the easiest way of making Wells Fargo mortgage payment. It would be none other than paying online. With this method, clients can make the payment anytime. To do so, it will have to go through Wells Fargo Online®. One thing you should remember about this Wells Fargo mortgage payment is that you will need both the account number and the routing number if you make the payment from another financial institution.

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2. Wells Fargo Mortgage Payment by Call

People have their own preferences even when making Wells Fargo payment. If you don’t prefer to do it via online, you can always choose phone call instead. The company facilitates automated payment service, so call them at 1-800-357-6675 and you will get served anytime and any day of the week. For further assistance though, the service for Wells Fargo mortgage payment is available from Monday to Friday at 6am to 10pm and Saturday at 8am to 2pm CT. Be sure to get all the needed details ready for you will surely be asked of them.

3. Wells Fargo Mortgage Payment by Mail

There is postal mail method offered in Wells Fargo mortgage payment too. If it is with this method, you need to mail the payment along with the payment coupon and mortgage statement. The address though differs from one state to another. Look at your statement to find the right address to mail them to. If you don’t have the statement for Wells Fargo mortgage payment yet, be sure to call 1-800-357-6675 and they should give you the right information of the postal address to send mail to.

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4. Wells Fargo Mortgage Payment in Person

If you feel more comfortable handing over your payment in person, there is nothing wrong with that since the company also facilitates such method for Wells Fargo mortgage. If you are going to go with this method though, you need to find the company branch near you. Look for the address first and you will finally be able to make Wells Fargo mortgage payment by visiting the office. It should not be hard to find the branches around. Who knows there is one nearby in the very area where you live in? The staff would be more than glad to serve you.