Wells Fargo Mortgage Requirements

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Buying new home does not always have to wait until you have enough money to afford that. There is home mortgage to consider now. With it, you can borrow the lender’s money to buy new home of your dream. That being said, the mortgage is not for everyone, there are mortgage requirements to meet. They might differ depending on the lender, but let us tell you Wells Fargo mortgage requirements in this opportunity then. You need to meet them before they accept your application.

Having Good Credit History and Credit Score

The first one of Wells Fargo mortgage Requirements would be none other than your credit history. If according to it you have managed good credit over time, it ensures the lender that you are a good borrower. Also, from it, the lender can see the summary of your history in number. The higher it is, the better you are as a borrower. At the very least, you carry less risk as borrower if the score is 760 or higher. Wells Fargo mortgage requirements are strict, but it allows you to loan if you have low score with low LTV and large down payment.

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Having Excellent Debt to Income (DTI) Ratio

The next thing that will be checked would be your ability to repay the loan, of course. No lender would lend you money if you are risky borrower and don’t seem to have the capability to repay the loan in the future. Wells Fargo Mortgage will determine this from your debt to income ratio. It shows the lender how your income goes toward all the payments for the loan in percentage. The lower the ratio is, the more the lender is willing to lend you money. So, do pay attention to this one of Wells Fargo mortgage requirements here.

Having Collateral to Secure Your Home Loan

The lender won’t oblige you to have collateral in Wells Fargo mortgage requirements, but having it could benefit the borrowers. Collateral is more like personal assets and it can be used to secure the loan. If you can ensure this to the lender, the lender would often offer borrowers better terms and lower rates. You should consider this kind of Wells Fargo mortgage requirements too if you want the best from your loan. With lower rate, you will be able to expect lower payments. It benefits both parties, so it is better if you have collateral.

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Having Capital and the Necessary Conditions

Having capital is one of WF requirements too. The capital here actually refers to your assets, like the down payment. To be exact, it is about the assets that go toward the payment of the loan when financial hardship does happen. The lender would also consider other necessary conditions as part of Wells Fargo mortgage Requirements too. If your home is in the place that is prone to natural disaster for example, it adds the more reason for you to be risky borrower. So, make sure you buy the new home in pretty much safe zone then.