Wells Fargo Mortgage Reviews

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It is only right to be picky about choosing one financial services firm to request mortgage loan from. Surely, you don’t want to end up dealing with the firm that make things difficult for us in the process and don’t have decent things to offer, right? If there is one to recommend, Wells Fargo is the right one to go. Sure, there are recent problems with the company’s sales practices, but it is still well rated in many Wells Fargo mortgage reviews. Below, there are some highlights about this company in various mortgage reviews. Let’s see here.

Variety of Term Length for Mortgage Loans

If there is something often mentioned in Wells Fargo mortgage reviews, it would be the term length offered by the company. Sure, people can pay off their loan in short term length, but the payment to make each month will definitely be higher than one in long term length. To answer clients’ expectations, the company makes sure to offer home purchase and refinance loans at 10-year term at the very least. From Wells Fargo mortgage reviews, clients are happy with the term ranging from it to 30-year term. It is long enough to offer.

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The Nonconforming Adjustable Rate Loans

The company also offers Wells Fargo mortgage in fixed and adjustable rate. The adjustable rate itself ranges from 5, 7, to 10-year term length. What’s great is that they care to include nonconforming ARM too. When the rate adjusts, it caps the interest rate at 2 to 5%. This could be beneficial for the clients. Why, of course, it is because if by chance the mortgage rates rise, it can help you prevent sticker shock in the future. You can see consumers are enjoying this in many Wells Fargo mortgage reviews. Surely, you would want this too, right?

More Unique Products to Offer to Consumers

Wells Fargo sure boasts its nonconforming space. Why wouldn’t they be? After all, their products are more unique compared to other competitors. There is much talk about this in Wells Fargo mortgage reviews. If we have to give you an example, one of the products offers 3% down and $750 in closing credit. There is one requirement to be eligible for it though. It would be for the client to take homebuyer education course. You don’t have to be first time homebuyer for it. Wells Fargo mortgage reviews show good feedback of it.

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Mortgage Program for Members of Unions

There is one special mortgage program called Union Plus offered by this company. This program is only meant for the members of the unions. Wells Fargo reviews are buzzing with it since the members can actually get $500 back in closing cost credit. There are more than 30,000 members participating in the program. This just shows how great the program is for them to get. Wells Fargo mortgage reviews pretty much show you how this company really is. There are lots of positive opinions of it, making it the best firm to pick.