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There are a lot to know even when it comes to mortgage services offered by Wells Fargo & Company. One of them would be the servicing of your account. It does not happen all the time, but knowing it beforehand should cease the worry if it does happen suddenly. There is nothing to worry about, but there are some changes that will be resulted from it. So, it is still better to know than know nothing of it. Wells Fargo mortgage services are not meant to make things complicated for you. So, let’s just get down to it to know it.

What’s the Change Meant for Both Parties

To clear things up, your need to know the purpose of this kind of Wells Fargo mortgage services first beforehand. To tell you the truth, servicing your account is actually meant to simplify all of the processes of the company. For customers, they would benefit for its enhanced online experience. Servicing your account means that your existing account will be moved to another system of the company. It does not meant that this kind of Wells Fargo mortgage services is meant to open new account. So, make sure to keep it in mind.

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The Schedule for That Change to Happen

Of course, there is scheduled time for the change to happen. Within certain range of time, you won’t be able to access your account. The last account servicing by WF Mortgage begins from October 5, 2017 at 4pm Central Time to October 11, 2017. If it will happen again in the future, you know that you don’t have to wait too long before you can use your account again. If it is for a good cause, Wells Fargo mortgage services like this are worth the wait. So, do be patient and wait till the company lets you know that the change has been done.

What the Change of the Account Really Is

If new account is not made during the servicing, just what is changed in this kind of Wells Fargo mortgage services? Surely, that question must have popped up in your mind. Let us tell you that what actually changes is your account number. There is no need to worry. The company will let you know your new account number as soon as the servicing is done. The updated number will be sent again along with the first billing statement. Wells Fargo mortgage services are made sure to inform you everything necessary to be known.

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The Payment through Bill Pay and Online

There is payment information to be known from this kind of WF services. Payments made through the Bill Pay will have the company to update your information and redirect payments. But, if it is via online, you need to reschedule the payment if the scheduled one has been cancelled. Here is how.

  • Sign on your account at wellsfargo.com
  • Click on the “Transfer and Pay” option
  • Click on “Pay WF Accounts”

By doing this, you will make new payment schedule with the new account number. These are what you need to know about this kind of Wells Fargo mortgage services.