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When you apply for mortgage and have one to owe for, the lender will provide you one certain document showing the current mortgage balance, interest rate, remaining amount on the term and amortization, and contact information. This very document is what is commonly called as mortgage statement. Usually, you will get paper statements to you, but the company suggests all customers to go paperless instead these days. Of course, Wells Fargo mortgage statement won’t be suggested to be switched to online kind for no reason.

The Benefits of the WF Online Statement

Actually, the online version of Wells Fargo mortgage statement is offered because the company sees there is more convenient benefit to it than the paper one. With paperless/online statements, you have them filed in your mortgage account. Without paper on hand, you will be able to quickly and easily access the statements you had received before now. It is as convenient as looking for intended file in computer. This version of Wells Fargo mortgage statement also reduces the risk of fraud, identity theft, or even all sorts of the kind.

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You know paper statements can be modified by unknown party along the way before they reach you. Since the online kind of Wells Fargo statement is sent straight to your account, there is no need to worry about such thing. We’ve got to admit that this kind of Wells Fargo mortgage statement will help reduce the clutter too since you just need to print what’s needed only. Also, it is handy to get email notifications when the statements are ready. We guarantee that things will be a lot easier and organized if you switch to such statement.

The Way to Switch to Paperless Statement

Now that you have learnt the benefits of this version of Wells Fargo mortgage statement, you might want to know just how to switch to it, right? Let us tell you the way then. It is as easy as you want it.

  • Go to wellsfargo.com and select Sign On section
  • Enter your Username and Password to open the account
  • Open the Statements and Documents section
  • Click on the Manage Delivery Preferences
  • Change how you want the statements delivered to you
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These simple steps alone are enough to change the delivery preference of your Wells Fargo mortgage statement. That way, the next statements will be delivered in accordance to the change.

There is nothing different between the paper and paperless kinds about their content, actually. It is their form that is different. Wells Fargo Mortgage just provides what would be more convenient for their customers. Also, you won’t be charged with anything to receive this kind of Wells Fargo mortgage statement. So, you can go ahead and make the change to the delivery preference. If after some time you want to stop going paperless. The company allows you to switch it back, for sure. In fact, you can change it whenever needed.