Western Union Netspend Prepaid

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You might be familiar with debit and credit card, but prepaid card seems new thing. In past time, this was service for limited people because cardholder needs to reload frequently. In practical situation, it is similar to debit card, but more flexible. There are many services for such matter, including Western Union Netspend Prepaid.

Netspend works together with Western Union to extend its prepaid service. To obtain Western Union Netspend Prepaid, you need to apply on nearby branch or via online. Application forms include name, address, email, postal code, and few identification contents. After that, you need to wait until receiving the card and activating it. It takes up to ten business days to receive the card after application is approved. Activation process will use online verification from official website.

Services and Features from Western Union Netspend Prepaid

To know about features on Western Union Netspend Prepaid, you can see from two things. This prepaid card consists of Western Union and Netspend as the essential key. Basic feature of Netspend is prepaid card to manage financial transaction. You can pay the bill, shopping, rental, insurance, or anything. Prepaid is including withdraw money from merchant. Basically, those features are familiar for people with credit card experience.

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Furthermore, Western Union is popular service to help transferring and receiving money. In early days, people relied on this service because it’s more flexible. You did not need bank account to send money form one area to another. Moreover today, this service expands with Western Union Netspend Prepaid card.

Cardholder will get Netspend feature, but it’s capable to reload money from Western Union branches. As you know, Western Union Netspend Prepaid requires instant deposit. You only spend based on how much money on that deposit. Therefore, Netspend uses account to manage this deposit.

Besides the basic services, there are few features to fulfill customer needs. Normally, you wait until the paperwork is done to receive tax returns and government benefit. This matter takes time, but you are in urge situation to get that money as soon as possible. Netspend reduces waiting time and cardholder gets money directly on Netspend account. This is another service as the reason why people choose Western Union Netspend Prepaid.

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Western Union Netspend Card has three plans. There are pay-as-you-go, monthly fee advantage, and premier plan. Each has basic service, except fee for monthly and premier one. For standard function, the first plan is favorable. You do not need to pay monthly fee, except for certain services like withdrawal and foreign transaction.

To support clients or cardholders, Netspend Prepaid service develops online account to manage everything. It is available at official website. Firstly, make sure card is already activated. You just need to go to login section. Fill username and password then click login button. You can access it from browser on laptop. Another option is mobile app with features, such as checking deposit, transferring money, paying bill, etc. Everything you want to manage related to Western Union Netspend Prepaid is available on this app. Therefore, cardholder can access it from anywhere as long as the internet connection is available.