What Does Salesforce Do

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While Salesforce.com, Inc. is a renowned company in the cloud computing industry, many people are still not familiar with it. This service company has helped various enterprises in expanding their businesses, small and big scale ones. The kinds of services that this company offers are very diverse. Do you want to learn about what does Salesforce do? This article will give the answer to you.

Salesforce’s Efforts to Improve Client’s Business

So, what does Salesforce do? This company works in cloud computing sector since 1999. The company owns a headquarter office in San Francisco, California as well as regional offices which are spread across the world.  It has served more than 100,000 customers worldwide; some are mega corporations with thousands of employees. The products and services offered are highly varied, although it is mostly known for servicing customer relationship management.

You will get better gist on this company by learning about its products. Here is the complete list of this company’s cloud products.

  1. IoT

What does Salesforce do to aid integration with external supporting systems which help business running and thriving? Well, the answer is IoT cloud. You can integrate your business system with other major applications to improve its functionality. Of course, there is a fee that needs to be paid monthly but it is well worth it.

  1. Analytics
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This particular cloud product will help an organization managing their overall operation in better way. It shows very detailed reports which are accompanied by visual representations of marketing, sales, and customer service. Using this tool, business will be able to see whether an improvement needs to be made.

  1. Sales

This particular product answer the question: what does Salesforce do to manage business’ sales? It keeps records for the company’s contacts and where they will lead. It also creates summary of accounts as well as information of partners and competitors. Sales representatives of the company will be able to work in an efficient manner with the help of this cloud product.

  1. App

This product assists developer when they are creating multitenant supporting applications that can be integrated to Salesforce main page. Anything that client needs can be built within this platform. This particular app answer the question: what does Salesforce do to meet client’s specific requests?

  1. Community
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The cloud product really redefines the kind of interaction that business and its stakeholders should have. It comes in the form of webpage that can be customized easily. It allows user to share tips and best practices. Everyone within the community can learn from each other.

  1. Marketing

What does Salesforce do to improve business marketing? You are able to develop marketing idea, implement, and then track its progress using this cloud. That way each marketing campaign can be monitored effectively to see its degree of success. It can also give information to sales department within the company.

  1. Service

This cloud answers common problem that many companies have, which is maintaining strong relationship with its consumers. What does Salesforce do to ensure it? It keeps records of the kinds of issues customers are experiencing. It also sets up priority list and level of support that should be given to customer. The cloud keeps track on how long it takes for a problem to be solved too.